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      Motorcycle Cables - Clutch

      What is a Motorcycle Clutch Cable? A motorcycle clutch cable is a metal cable housed in a thick vinyl or plastic lining. This cable attaches to your handlebar lever and clutch. When you pull the lever your motorcycle clutch cable is there to disen...
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      Motorcycle Cables - Clutch FAQ

      How long is a stock Sportster throttle cable?
      A typical stock Sportster Throttle cable is about 33” long. If your Sportster® has custom handlebars that are not the stock length, there is a good chance that you do not have a stock length cable. Longer handlebars need longer cables, and shorter handlebars need shorter cables.
      Are motorcycle clutch cables universal?
      Motorcycle clutch cables are not universal. There are different threads and connections that are required to connect the cable to your motorcycle. With some work you can make a universal cable work, but you will need some special tools and skills to get the cable together to work properly.
      Is it bad to hold in the clutch on a motorcycle?
      It is not bad to hold the clutch lever in on a motorcycle as long as you are not intending to move the motorcycle. The clutch lever allows you to connect the power from the engine to the rear wheel of the motorcycle. If you keep the lever partially compressed while the motorcycle is moving, this will cause the clutch to slip. This means the clutch plates are not fully compressed and they are spinning against each other. This causes a reduction power transmitted to the rear wheel.
      If you continue to ''feather'' the clutch lever when the motorcycle is moving, the spinning clutch plates will get hot, very hot. Over time this can burn the clutch plates which causes the clutch to fail. Typically, you only want to feather the clutch when taking off from a dead stop, or entering a corner too aggressively.
      When should I replace motorcycle clutch cable?
      You should replace your motorcycle clutch cable when you notice excessive sticking that cannot be repaired with cable lubrication. A cable lube tool can help fully impregnate your cable with lubricant. If you notice fraying of the cable, it is time to replace the cable. Fraying can cause the cable to stick, or break which can lead to loss of control of the motorcycle.