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      Motorcycle Exhaust Mounting Brackets & Hardware

      Universal 1.75" Exhaust Muffler Clamp Set - Chrome Universal 1.75" Exhaust Muffler Clamp Set - Chrome
      $23.55 $27.71
      Muffler T-Bolt Set Muffler T-Bolt Set
      V-Twin Manufacturing Muffler T-Bolt Set
      $12.99 $17.80
      Weld-on Universal Exhaust Mounting Slides Weld-on Universal Exhaust Mounting Slides
      Motorcycle Exhaust Bracket & Hardware Fitting Guide When you are getting ready to install a new motorcycle exhaust system, check out Lowbrow Customs selection of motorcycle exhaust brackets and hardware. We have a variety of motorcycle exhaust...
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      Motorcycle Exhaust Mounting Brackets & Hardware FAQ

      Can I clamp exhaust pipes together?
      Yes, you can clamp exhaust pipes together, but the vibration from the motorcycle may eventually cause the clamps to loosen. If you choose this route, be sure to check the tightness of the clamps after the first few rides, and every so often afterward, to avoid having issues while on the road.
      Is it better to weld or clamp a motorcycle exhaust?
      It is always better to weld exhaust together if there is no foreseen need for you to have access behind the exhaust, or if having it welded doesn't make it excessively difficult to remove the exhaust pipe. If you need to remove part of the exhaust from time-to-time to maintain your motorcycle, it may be better to clamp the exhaust so it can be easily removed. Mufflers are often clamped on, which is great if you want to change mufflers for style or sound purposes, as it as easy as loosening the clamps and slipping new mufflers into place.
      How do I stop my Shovelhead exhaust pipes from coming loose?
      If the exhaust pipes on your Harley Shovelhead keep coming loose, there are a few suggested solutions you can try, and one that will definitely work. Some of the solutions you can try would be to use a high-grade bolt and Loctite® to keep them in place. In some applications, this will be enough to keep everything from loosening up. Another permanent solution is to drill your bolts and safety wire them so they cannot back out. This is the same method used on race bikes to keep debris off the race track. Colony Machine also makes a Shovelhead locking exhaust bolt kit. This is a sure fire way to keep your exhaust from coming loose, as it is a mechanical locking system that stops the mounting bolt from being able to back out and loosen up.
      How many mounts should my custom-made motorcycle exhaust have?
      Typically, a custom motorcycle exhaust system will need to be mounted to the cylinders, and then have 2 -3 mounting points to the frame. You can have more mounts if needed, but usually 2 is sufficient to keep the exhaust in place. The main goal is to make sure the exhaust system is supported and not stressed by vibration derived from the road or the motorcycle. Lack of proper mounts can lead to the exhaust pipe cracking, or worse, it can cause undue stress on the head of the engine or exhaust spigot, depending on the design of the engine.