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      Motorcycle Hardtails

      Hardtail Motorcycle with Vintage Frames & Chassis for Sale What is the point of a Hardtail Motorcycle? A hardtail motorcycle is a motorcycle that does not have any rear suspension. The rear wheel and axle are mounted directly to the frame, at ...
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      Motorcycle Hardtails FAQ

      What bikes make a good hardtail chopper or bobber?
      We often recommend the Evo Sportster, specifically, a 1986-2003 Harley Sportster. Because:
      - A low-mileage (less than 10k miles), good condition Sportster in this year range can be found in the USA for $2000-$3500 with a bit of looking.
      - Evo Sportsters are reliable and low-maintenance. Harley Sportsters are fun and fast and can be ridden cross-country, or just around town.
      - There are a wide array of custom Sportster parts available!
      What is the difference between a softail and a hardtail motorcycle?
      A hardtail motorcycle, also known as a 'rigid frame', or simply 'rigid' motorcycle, is built of a single piece and has no rear suspension to absorb the bumps of the road. Many choppers and custom motorcyles are hardtailed, meaning, even if the bike had a swingarm and shocks, the frame is modified to be rigid, simplifying the bike and giving a more vintage appearance. This does lead to a rougher ride, as the bumps of the road are now transmitted through the frame to the rider.
      The Softail frame includes two pieces and has the look of a rigid frame, however, the rear suspension is hidden out of sight, giving the appearance of a vintage bike but with the comfort of a rear suspension.
      How difficult is it to install a weld on hardtail?
      With the the home builder in mind, Lowbrow Customs brand hardtails are designed for extremely high-quality fit and finish, so they can be installed accurately and properly with basic tools. This, along with all of our informative motorcycle how-to articles and videos, makes installing a weld-on hardtail quite straightforward.
      Of course, we recommend having a professional welder do the final welding if you are not capable of that task yourself!.
      Will the 1982-2003 Sportster hardtail fit my 2006 Sportster?
      No! We often get asked if a part will fit a year range, make or model motorcycle that is not specified. If the fitment you are wondering about isn't listed it is because it will not work as that is not what it was designed for.