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      Harley-Davidson Sportster Parts

      SAE 20W-50 Engine Oil - 1 quart SAE 20W-50 Engine Oil - 1 quart
      11 reviews $8.50
      Air Cleaner Backplate Gasket for CV Carburetor Air Cleaner Backplate Gasket for CV Carburetor
      16 reviews $1.95
      Spot Mirror by Lowbrow Customs Spot Mirror by Lowbrow Customs
      85 reviews $31.95
      Sportsters Rule Die Cut Sticker
      36 reviews $1.95
      What Fits What On Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Book What Fits What On Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Book
      43 reviews $12.95
      Intake Manifold Wrench for 1984 & up Big Twin & XL Sportsters Intake Manifold Wrench for 1984 & up Big Twin & XL Sportsters
      19 reviews $14.40
      Best Harley Davidson Sportster Parts for Your Custom Bikes What Makes The Harley Davidson Sportster A Favorite The Harley Davidson Sportster holds a special place in our hearts here at Lowbrow Customs. This Sportster is a favorite bike in the moto...
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      Related information Harley-Davidson Sportster Parts FAQ
      How do I make my Sportster faster?
      If you want a fast Sportster, you want to optimize horsepower. Some of the main ways to do this is with a Sportster Big Bore Kit to increase the engine displacement from 883 to 1200cc, or an S&S Hooligan Kit which also includes performance-proven cams. Changing the air cleaner and exhaust are also ways to free up some more power. When doing so be sure to tune your bike properly. On carbureted bikes this means changing your carb jetting, while on EFI (electronic fuel injection) Harleys you can use an ECU tuner to tune for optimum power easily.
      Will removing baffles hurt my Harley?
      While removing baffles from the stock exhaust on your late-model Harley won't hurt the engine, it does affect the performance. It could also void the warranty on a new bike. Another way to achieve a better-than-stock sound and flow is to go with a set of high-quality slip on mufflers.
      What is the loudest Harley exhaust?
      Stock Harley exhausts have baffles, which reduce the exhaust noise. If you are looking to have the loudest Harley exhaust, take a look at Lowbrow's Shotgun Exhaust Pipes. They are straight drag pipes with no baffles. People will surely hear you coming! Lowbrow stocks some of the best 2-into-1 exhaust systems for Harleys that, while not being the loudest, still have a deep, throaty sound and offer superior performance over stock.
      Do you make a wide tire Sportster hardtail?
      No, we do not make a wide tire hardtail. All of Lowbrow's Sportster hardtails are designed to be used with stock 130 width tires. With this size tire there is sufficient clearance between the chain and tire, and it keeps your transmission and rear wheel sprockets in proper alignment.
      What length chain does a Sportster use?
      With hardtail frame and custom applications we always recommend using a 130 link, 530 motorcycle drive chain. It is easy to cut down to the length you need. It is much easier to make a chain shorter than longer!