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      3-1/4 inch Pancake Headlight - Clear Lens
      6 reviews $275.00
      Bates Rectangular Spot Headlight
      7 reviews $131.21
      2-3/4 inch Pancake Headlight - Clear Lens
      2 reviews $225.00
      4-1/2 inch diameter Chrome Early Model Headlight
      20 reviews $65.99
      FNA Far-E Headlight - Clear Lens
      Baja 5-3/4 inch Headlight - Chrome
      2 reviews $131.87
      3-1/2 inch diameter Chrome Bottom Mount Headlight
      15 reviews $72.59
      Springer Style Bottom Mount Headlight - Chrome
      6 reviews $76.99
      4-1/2 inch diameter Black Early Model Headlight
      27 reviews $60.49
      Baja 5-3/4 inch Headlight - Black
      3 reviews $131.87
      Variety of Aftermarket Motorcycle Headlights for Sale The Importance of Your Motorcycle headlights Your motorcycle headlight is more than just a safety feature. A motorcycle headlight helps you see the road in front of you, but it also helps other...
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      Motorcycle Headlights FAQ

      Can I convert my halogen headlight to LED?
      Yes, it is very common for people to upgrade their halogen headlight to an LED light. There are a couple of different approaches you can take to accomplish this. First option, and probably the easiest, is to replace your halogen motorcycle headlight bulb with an LED bulb. The main consideration here is to make sure your light bucket has enough depth to accommodate the LED bulb. Another option is to install a sealed LED bulb. This will replace the headlight glass and everything. Again, the key issue is to make sure the sealed bulb will fit in the light bucket.
      How do I make my motorcycle headlight brighter?
      You can make your headlight brighter by replacing the bulb with a more powerful bulb, or you can change the type of bulb you are running. If you have a halogen light bulb and you want to stick with a halogen bulb, you can purchase high-intensity halogen light bulbs that produces more light. The issue is these bulbs draw a lot of power and produce a lot of heat. The better option is to replace the halogen with a good LED light bulb. LED bulbs do not produce as much heat, and they can produce a tremendous amount of light.
      What headlight bulb do I need for my motorcycle?
      LED headlights are great for producing a lot of pure white light, which makes it much easier to see at night. This combined with their vibration resistance and extended reliability make them a great choice all types of riding conditions.
      Which headlights are the best for a motorcycle: halogen, HID (Xenon), or LED?
      LED headlights offer a lot of benefits over halogen and traditional incandescent lighting options. LED lights can produce a tremendous amount of light without creating a lot of heat. This is a big benefit because halogen and HID (Xenon) bulbs can get so hot they can burn your wiring. LED lights also do not draw as much power as a halogen bulb. Less power means less of a strain on your electrical components. Finally, LED lights are vibration resistant. That makes them a lot more reliable on a motorcycle compared to the other options.