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      Motorcycle Axle Adjusters

      Chain/Belt Adjuster Blocks Harley-Davidson FXR Chain/Belt Adjuster Blocks Harley-Davidson FXR
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      Motorcycle Axle Adjusters FAQ

      Can I use aftermarket axle adjusters for my vintage motorcycle?
      Yes, you can use aftermarket axle adjusters for your vintage motorcycle. Axle adjusters are a common replacement item because they can seize due to rust and corrosion. There are a variety of motorcycle axle adjusters you can buy to replace your damaged or corroded axle adjusters.
      Are there FXR and Dyna axle adjusters that are stronger than stock Harley ones?
      CNC’ed axle adjuster blocks are available and they are stronger than the typical replacement adjuster. Performance motorcycles produce more power and torque. Modifications like chain drives combined with torque and horsepower require parts that have been designed to handle the load. Heavy-duty chain adjusters for Harley FXR and Sportster are available to replace the weaker stock versions.
      What is the best kind of axle adjuster for choppers and cutom motorcycles?
      Lowbrow Customs makes universal rear chain axle adjusters designed for ¾” axles. These axles adjusters are based on the stock Harley Davidson® adjusters found on K Model bikes and Ironhead Sportsters but they are made for ¾” rear axles. Perfect for a variety of custom and chopper applications.