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      Motorcycle Handlebar Throttle Controls

      Dual Cable Whiskey Throttle Black 1 inch
      29 reviews $99.95
      Pursuit Grip Set - Brass
      Lowbrow Customs Pursuit Grip Set - Brass
      37 reviews $129.99
      Finish Line Grips - Black Aluminum - 1 inch
      14 reviews $76.99
      Pursuit Grip Set - Raw Aluminum
      17 reviews $76.99
      Throttle Tube - 1 inch - Dual Cable - Black
      97 reviews $7.43
      Whiskey Throttle Tube 1 inch - Black
      15 reviews $49.95
      Whiskey Throttle Tube 1 inch
      13 reviews $49.95
      Fly By Wire Throttle Tube - 1 inch -  Black
      19 reviews $7.43
      Pursuit Grip Set - Black
      Lowbrow Customs Pursuit Grip Set - Black
      17 reviews $76.99
      Single Cable Throttle - 7/8 inch - Amal Style
      10 reviews $26.39
      Throttle Tube - 1 inch - Single Cable - Black
      26 reviews $7.43
      Type of Motorcycle Handlebar Throttle and Buying Guide What is the throttle on a motorcycle? You would think everyone on the planet would know what a motorcycle handlebar throttle is and how it works, but a quick search on the internet and y...
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      Motorcycle Handlebar Throttle Controls FAQ

      How can I make my motorcycle throttle more responsive?
      One of the ways you can make your throttle more responsive, is to increase the size of the throttle pull located on the end of the throttle tube. This is a common practice in the off-road world. Many off-road aftermarket throttle tubes offer interchangeable cable pulls which allow you to multiply the amount of pull when you twist the throttle. The larger the diameter of the throttle cable pull on the end of the throttle tube, the faster the pull. If your bike is carbureted, you can adjust your jetting, or your accelerator pump for a better throttle response.
      When should I replace my motorcycle throttle cable?
      You should replace your motorcycle throttle cable when you notice any sticking, fraying, or corrosion. You cannot see the whole cable due to the cable sleeve, so if you are experiencing a sticking throttle cable, it is very possible that the inside of the cable is not in good condition. If the cable itself is frayed, it will damage the inside of the throttle cable sleeve. This sleeve is made to protect the cable from corrosion and debris so it operates smoothly. Corrosion will also cause issues with the cable sticking and not returning the throttle to a closed position. It is better to replace the cable when you notice any of these issues. If you ignore it, the cable will eventually break which can leave you stranded. Not to mention that a sticking throttle cable is very dangerous and can cause you to lose control of the motorcycle.
      How long does a throttle cable last?
      Motorcycle throttle cables can last a very long time. Like many wear items, the longevity of your throttle cable depends on they type of cable, how frequently it is used, and the environment you live in. It is best to check you cables from time-to-time to make sure they are operating properly. As long as they are moving freely and you do not notice loose ends, you don’t need to change your cables.
      Dual or Single throttle cable? Is there an advantage to running dual cables?
      Dual throttle cables offer an additional layer of safety. The dual throttle cable design has two springs which allow it to have a push and pull effect. A dual throttle cable has a cable attached to both sides of the throttle tube. Both of these cables have their own return spring. This is different than a single cable throttle that only has one return spring. The dual cable does not affect the feel of the throttle, it just helps close the throttle. This can help keep the throttle from sticking if one of the cables is damaged.