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      Motorcycle Springers

      Indian Style Leaf Spring Front End Indian Style Leaf Spring Front End
      $825.64 $987.65
      Springer Riser Adapter Top Clamp Springer Riser Adapter Top Clamp
      3 reviews $179.99
      Axle for Springer Forks Axle for Springer Forks
      Samwel Supplies Axle for Springer Forks
      4 reviews $92.93
      OEM Style Inline Springer Fork Clamp - Black OEM Style Inline Springer Fork Clamp - Black
      1 review $150.81
      Springer Riser Studs 1/2 inch-20 thread Springer Riser Studs 1/2 inch-20 thread
      4 reviews $9.67
      Leaf Spring Inline Front Fork Leaf Spring Inline Front Fork
      HIGH QUALITY SPRINGER FRONT END FOR CUSTOM BUILT MOTORCYCLES Discover the allure of timeless design with our high-quality Springer front ends for custom-built motorcycles. Offering both nostalgia and modern performance, these inline springers prov...
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      Motorcycle Springers FAQ

      Can I use my stock brake setup on my springer?
      A stock brake setup will not work for a springer front end. Running disc brakes on a springer is no problem, however, you need a specific springer caliper bracket and the proper wheel spacers for the job. These style brackets will accept most aftermarket 2-piston and 4-piston calipers. The caliper bracket is connected to the springer with a brake anchor rod; this keeps the caliper and bracket from simply spinning around with the wheel when the brakes are applied.
      What length springer do I need?
      To determine the length springer front end you need, you can put a block of wood under your frame and get it level, or sitting exactly how you would like. You can slide a broomstick through the neck of the frame and line it up to the axle location of your front wheel and measure to get an idea of what length springer you need. For many springers, the length is measured from the underside of the bottom triple tree to the center of the axle.
      What does 2" over, or 2" under etc. mean when looking at springer front ends?
      Springer front ends are sold as either 'stock length', or a length that is either over or under this stock length. A springer front end that is '2" under" means that it is 2" under the stock length. The stock length can vary depending on what year, make and model motorcycle it is modeled after. It is always good practice to check the measurement of the springer against your motorcycle eo ensure you are getting the proper length springer.
      What kind of handlebars and risers can I run on my springer?
    • The handlebar risers bolt into the rear springer leg, which are typically threaded 1/2"-20, and puts the risers at 4-3/4" on center. This is wider than a standard Harley riser pattern of 3-1/2" on center.
    • The best risers for a springer have pass-through bolts that go through the inside top of the riser and thread down into the springer leg. This allows you to full tighten the risers in place without worring about 'clocking' the riser as you tighten it, which you have to do when using springer riser studs.
    • The wider clamping area on handlebars made for springers offer enough width to fit the wider riser pattern, and have knurling in the proper spot for the springer risers.
    • Can I put a spinger on my Evo Sportster?
      Yes you can, but there is fitment work involved and it is only suggested for those with fabrication and mechanical experience. When in doubt, take it to a professional to complete the job safely!
      Notes: We have test fit a springer on a 1986-2003 Evo Sportster frame, and the typical aftermarket springer will fit the neck of the frame. There are some clearances to adjust, such as when turning the springer lock-to-lock (fully side-to-side) there is a weld seam on the neck that may have to be addressed, and on some models the fork lock tab is in the way and would need to be cut off.
      Another important thing to check is that the bars and risers you would like to run clear the gas tank when turning the bars fully side to side. You may need to run a custom Sportster gas tank and/or change the style of bars or risers you are using to give proper clearance.
      Will this springer fit my Honda/Suzuki/BMW/etc?
      If we do not have any experience with fitting a springer to your particular model we can not advise what may be the best course of action for doing so.
      The majority of aftermarket springers will have a stem that is 1"" in diameter because they are normally fitted to Harley-Davidson applications. A custom diameter and/or length stem can always be machined to fit the needs of a particular motorcycle frame neck, though one must always then check for proper clearance of the fork-to-frame to ensure it can be turned fully side-to-side without interference issues. You may also need to use a different front wheel, risers and handlebars. In short: do your research!