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      Gas Tanks

      Top view Frisco mount Sportster Gas Tank by Lowbrow Customs
      81 reviews $142.49 $189.99
      Wassell Peanut Mid-Tunnel Gas Tank 2.1 gallon
      37 reviews $179.99
      Narrow Sporty Frisco Gas Tank 2.5 gallon
      37 reviews $164.99 $219.99
      Axed Chopper Motorcycle Gas Tank 2.2 gallon
      30 reviews $112.49 $149.99
      Frisco Mount Sportster Gas Tank - Narrow - 2.1 gallon
      55 reviews $199.99
      P-Nut Mid-Tunnel Gas Tank 1.8 gallon
      46 reviews $127.49 $169.99
      King P-Nut Frisco Shallow Tunnel Gas Tank 2.4 gallon
      36 reviews $142.49 $189.99
      Original P-Nut Tank Deep Tunnel Gas Tank 1.8 gallon
      58 reviews $169.99
      Ovate Axed Gas Tank - Super Narrow - 1.6 gallon
      7 reviews $169.99
      Wassell Peanut Deep Tunnel Gas Tank 2 gallon
      6 reviews $179.99
      Laredo Gas Tank
      Cycle Standard Laredo Gas Tank
      1 review $175.99 $219.99
      Dished Wassell Peanut Mid-Tunnel Gas Tank - 2.0 gal
      10 reviews $199.99
      Banana Gas Tank - Deep Tunnel - 1.8 gallon
      7 reviews $149.99 $199.99
      1/4 inch NPT Polished Stainless Steel Petcock
      10 reviews $119.95
      1/4 inch NPT Mini Petcock 90 degree Mini Ball Valve
      26 reviews $23.95
      Custom Flush Mount Aluminum Pop-Up Gas Cap and Weld In Bung
      22 reviews $53.62 $71.49
      Custom Small Flush Mount Pop-Up Gas Cap and Weld In Bung
      53 reviews $53.62 $71.49
      Pop-Up Gas Cap - Black - Vented - for Harley 1996 & later
      11 reviews $32.99 $43.99
      1/4 inch NPT Lever Petcock - Chrome Plated Brass
      37 reviews $17.99
      Laredo Ribbed Gas Tank
      Cycle Standard Laredo Ribbed Gas Tank
      1 review $199.99
      Frisco Mount Sportster Bobber Gas Tank - 2.5 gallon
      3 reviews $154.74
      P-Nut Frisco Shallow Tunnel Gas Tank 2 gallon
      26 reviews $127.49 $169.99
      Narrow Ribbed Mustang Gas Tank 2.25 gallon
      27 reviews $119.99 $159.99
      Coffin Chopper Gas Tank 2.2 gallon
      V-Twin Manufacturing Coffin Chopper Gas Tank 2.2 gallon
      15 reviews $214.95
      Bayonet / Cam Harley Style Vented 2" Gas Cap - Chrome
      44 reviews $9.89 $13.19
      Fuel Reserve Bottle and Carrier Combo
      172 reviews $34.04 $37.99
      Fuel Reserve Bottle Carrier
      Lowbrow Customs Fuel Reserve Bottle Carrier
      126 reviews $11.99 $15.99
      Super Banana Gas Tank - Mid Tunnel - 2.6 Gallon
      14 reviews $149.99 $199.99
      Bayonet / Cam Harley Style Vented 2.5" Gas Cap - Chrome
      8 reviews $18.14 $24.19
      How-to Select a Killer Custom Motorcycle Gas Tank & Its Accessories Choosing a Gas Tank for Your Motorcycle If you are in search of a killer custom motorcycle gas tank, you are in the right place. Lowbrow Customs has a great selection of some ...
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      Gas Tanks FAQ

      How far can a Harley go on a tank of gas?
      Harley-Davidson motorcycles typically get 40-50 miles per gallon, which is a good reference point for how far you can ride based on the capacity of your gas tank. Sportsters tend to be smaller and get more miles per gallon, while large Touring bikes or Trikes are heavier and are on the lower range of miles per gallon.
      What are the parts of fuel system?
      Many new bikes are fuel injected, and have a computer to control the amount of gas fed to the engine. There is a fuel pump that provides fuel to the throttle body, which feeds the gasoline to the engine. Older bikes are carbureted, which is a simple system. Gas tends to be gravity fed from a gas tank to the carburetor and the amount of gas delivered to the engine depends on the size of the carburetor jets that are installed. The carburetor is tuned by changing the jets, which have different size orifices, which meters the amount of gasoline delivered to the engine.
      Why is my motorcycle leaking gas?
      If your motorcycle is leaking gas take a close look to see where the leak is originating. Common problems would include a leaky fuel valve (petcock), damaged fuel line, or if the fuel is coming from the carburetor, a stuck float. A leaky fuel valve or damaged fuel line can be replaced, while a stuck carburetor float can typically be fixed. The carburetor may just need some taps on the float bowl with the handle of a screwdriver to free the stuck float. If that doesn't work, make sure the fuel valve is off, remove the float bowl and check for grit or any debris that could be causing the float needle to not completely seat, which would allow gas to continue flowing into the float bowl even when it is full.