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      Universal Headlight Mounting Bracket/Eyebrow Delete
      1 review $60.00
      Dual Headlight Mount - Stainless Steel
      Turn Signal Bar Universal License Plate Mount
      14 reviews $16.49
      Universal Headlight Bracket
      Throwback Cycle Parts Universal Headlight Bracket
      2 reviews $70.00
      Universal Springer Headlight Mount- Black Powdercoat
      11 reviews $29.95
      Model A Light Weld-On Sissy Bar Bracket
      Box Chopper Light Weld-On Sissy Bar Bracket
      1 review $12.95
      Cat Eye Light Weld-On Sissy Bar Bracket
      3 reviews $12.95
      Miller / Vincent Tail Light Weld-On Sissy Bar Bracket
      1 review $12.95
      Light Mounting Hardware & Accessories Adding all of the cool lighting options to your motorcycle can be very difficult without the right motorcycle light mounting hardware. Motorcycle taillights, motorcycle front turn signals, motorcycle rear ...
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      Motorcycle Light Mounting Hardware FAQ

      Is it legal to relocate motorcycle turn signals to a different location?
      Different states have slightly different rules concerning motorcycle lighting. Most states require your front motorcycle turn signals to be amber and they require a DOT certified light is to be used. You can relocate these lights as long as the front lights are facing the front of the motorcycle and they are a reasonable size. They also need to be amber in color if they are front turn signals. Rear turn signals can be red or amber.
      Is there any difference between 4-1/2/", 5-3/4" and 7" headlights, beside the physical size?
      No, not normally. All 4 ½”, 5 ¾” and 7” motorcycle headlights operate the same. It is very common to find the same size H4 bulb in all of these lights, and they all have a high beam and low beam function. The larger headlights do allow you to use some of the largeraftermarket LED bulbs if you choose to do so.
      What is the best way to mount a custom motorcycle headlight?
      The type of headlight mount you use can depend on the type of front end you have on your motorcycle. There really is not a best way, there is a way that works for the type of bike you have. A large variety of motorcycle headlights use block mounts. These blocks mount to the triple clamps and utilize a bolt that allow you to mount a variety of different headlight buckets.