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      Custom Motorcycle Parts

      Replacing a broken part or upgrading from your motorcycle’s current configuration? Whether improving the look or the performance of your bike, we can help. Whatever your riding style, Lowbrow Customs online store offers hundreds of custom motorcyc...
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      TOP Custom Motorcycle Parts

      Rogue Fender - 1958-84 Harley-Davidson Panhead Shovelhead
      94 reviews $206.24 $274.99
      Manta Ray Smooth Steel Fender 4-3/4 inch Width
      58 reviews $123.74 $164.99
      Top view Frisco mount Sportster Gas Tank by Lowbrow Customs
      81 reviews $142.49 $189.99
      Generator DGV-5000L Low Voltage for Harley-Davidson 1965 - 1984
      27 reviews $451.23 $517.53
      Battery - 12 Cell - AG-1201 Lithium Small Case
      24 reviews $219.99
      Wassell Peanut Mid-Tunnel Gas Tank 2.1 gallon
      38 reviews $179.99
      Manta Ray Smooth Steel Fender 6 inch Width
      65 reviews $123.74 $164.99
      Baja 100 Tire 16" - 5.00-16 71T
      3 reviews $236.45
      Narrow Sporty Frisco Gas Tank 2.5 gallon
      37 reviews $164.99 $219.99
      3-1/4 inch Pancake Headlight - Clear Lens
      6 reviews $275.00
      Generator DGV-5000 for Harley-Davidson 1965 - 1984
      44 reviews $446.90 $512.56
      Internal Throttle Housing - Right Side - 1 inch
      1 review $299.00 $398.66
      Triumph 650 to 750 c.c. Big Bore Kit
      19 reviews $810.58
      Super Classic 270 Front Motorcycle Tire - 3.00-21 57S
      1 review $91.12 $105.95
      18 x 3.5 40 Spoke Chrome Rear Wheel fits 1984-99 Harley-Davidson Big Twin/XL
      $279.25 $293.95
      Axed Chopper Motorcycle Gas Tank 2.2 gallon
      30 reviews $112.49 $149.99
      DIY 1-3/4 inch Builder Exhaust Kit - for your Chopper Bobber or Cafe Build
      5 reviews $119.95 $129.95
      Frisco Mount Sportster Gas Tank - Narrow - 2.1 gallon
      55 reviews $199.99
      AM6 Speedmaster 3.00-21 inch Front Tire
      23 reviews $178.90
      Tsunami Fender - Raw Aluminum - 1994 - 2003 Sportsters
      15 reviews $149.99 $199.99
      Alternator Kit 32 amp CE-32A - Harley-Davidson Evo Big Twins
      1 review $394.71 $452.70
      Professional 0-60 PSI Tire Gauge
      $44.99 $59.99
      What to Consider When Purchasing Motorcycle Parts Online So, what is important to consider when buying spare parts for your motorcycle? Besides the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or used parts; aftermarket motorcycle parts & universal p...
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      Custom Motorcycle Parts FAQ

      What is the most important part of a motorcycle?
      All of them! The last thing you want to deal with while riding your motorcycle is a part failure. We recommend using only high-quality parts from reputable companies on your bike. Not sure what you need? No problem! Lowbrow Customs carries high-quality, cool parts, and we offer free motorcycle tech support to answer any questions you may have.
      What is most important when building a custom motorcycle?
      The key to building a custom motorcycle is to decide on how you will be using it (around town, cross-country trips, weekend camping, racing) and how you want it to look. Having a goal will make it easier to decide which parts you need for your build. Check our our My How to Build a Bobber article for more info on a custom build.
      How do I tune my motorcycle to make more horsepower?
      With modern, fuel-injected motorcycles, ECU tuners make tuning your Harley a breeze. They plug in to your stock wiring harness and connect to a smartphone for on-the-go tuning for maximum horsepower and top speed!
      How to make my motorcycle faster?
      Horsepower will make your motorcycle faster. This is often achieved by using a free-flowing air filter and exhaust system that is properly tuned. Other methods include increasing the engine displacement (with a big bore kit) and other engine modifications (custom camshafts, cylinder head work, etc).
      What changes should I do to make my motorcycle more comfortable?
      Setting up your motorcycle for riding comfort is time well spent. Pay particular attention to the style of seat, footpeg location and handlebars. Handlebar height (rise) and pullback (how far the handlebars come back toward the rider) are very important for comfort as well as handling of your motorcycle. A high quality seat is worth every penny on that long road trip!
      What make custom/aftermaket motorcycle parts are better than company-made?
      There are varying degrees of quality when it comes to aftermarket motorcycle parts so be sure to shop with a reputable brand that supports their products and has a good reputation for quality.
      What make my motorcycle more visible?
      A bright headlight, tail light and marker (running) lights help other vehicles see motorcycles clearly. Some riders opt for high visibility jackets or helmets. It has long been argued that loud exhaust pipes save lives, as other drivers and riders can hear that a motorcycle is nearby, and may be more apt to look twice.