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      Motorcycle Kickstands

      Triumph Universal Clamp On Kickstand Triumph Universal Clamp On Kickstand
      5 reviews $138.35
      Chrome Kickstand - 1952-1979 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL Models Chrome Kickstand - 1952-1979 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL Models
      5 reviews $50.91 $56.57
      Having a High Quality Motorcycle Kickstand to Say Goodbye to Kickstand Problems Why do you need a quality motorcycle stand? Prevent kickstand sinking into Asphalt If you have ever had a bike that had a faulty functioning motorcycle kickstand, th...
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      Motorcycle Kickstands FAQ

      Is internal spring kickstand better?
      The benefit to an internal spring kickstand is mostly aesthetic, in that the spring is hidden. Internal and external kickstand springs function the same. The one benefit from a function perspective is an internal kickstand spring in not exposed to the elements which may add some longevity to it’s function.
      What size kickstand do I need?
      The best way to determine the proper length to your kickstand is to measure the distance from the mount to the ground when the bike is at the proper lean angle. Our How-To DIY Kickstand Install article will give great insight on how to mount a custom motorcycle kickstand You will need someone to sit on the motorcycle and lean it over to the proper angle so you can get the right measurement. It is good practice to use a tie strap and attach it to the handlebars so your bike cannot tip over. Once you have the correct length, determine the style of mount you have. This should give you the information needed to find the correct kickstand for your application.
      Do I need a special replacement kickstand spring, or will any spring work?
      A kickstand spring is built to function differently than a standard spring. Standard springs extend and collapse at the same rate of tension. Kickstand springs become excessively harder to pull the more they are extended. They also have a significant amount of tension just before they collapse. These kickstand springs are made from a hardened steel to keep the spring working over an extended length of time and they should not be replaced with a standard spring for function and safety reasons. Having your kickstand extend unintentionally can be very dangerous.
      How do I install a motorcycle kickstand?
      To install a custom kickstand you first need to determine the proper mounting position on the frame and the correct angle for the mount to be welded to the frame. You may need help holding the bike to make these determinations. Most custom motorcycle kickstands come with a mount that will fit around the frame tube. Simply weld that mount into position and install your kickstand spring. For more info and illustrations check out our How-To DIY Kickstand Install article!
      What should I look for in a motorcycle kickstand?
      When purchasing a kickstand for your motorcycle you need to consider 3 things. You want to make sure that the kickstand you choose is designed to fit your motorcycle, that it is strong enough to hold your motorcycle, and that it is the proper length for your motorcycle. If your motorcycle kickstand is too long or too short, it will not work for your motorcycle. Picking the correct kickstand for your motorcycle is important to keep your investment. If you are not sure which kickstand is right for you, please reach out so we can help you get the right part.