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      Motorcycle Wheels & Wheel Components

      Complete 21 inch Spool Hub Chopper Wheel - 5/8 inch Bearings Complete 21 inch Spool Hub Chopper Wheel - 5/8 inch Bearings
      11 reviews $299.99 $313.04
      21 inch Mini Brake Drum Chopper Wheel - 3/4 inch Bearings 21 inch Mini Brake Drum Chopper Wheel - 3/4 inch Bearings
      11 reviews $424.99 $451.01
      Chain/Belt Adjuster Blocks Harley-Davidson FXR Chain/Belt Adjuster Blocks Harley-Davidson FXR
      1 review $155.00
      Richmond Spool Hub - Polished Richmond Spool Hub - Polished
      Mullins Chain Drive Richmond Spool Hub - Polished
      1 review $299.95
      21 x 2.15 Chrome Front Spool Wheel 21 x 2.15 Chrome Front Spool Wheel
      2 reviews $199.99
      OEM, Custom & Aftermarket Motorcycle Wheels and Components for Online Sale If you are looking for a set of motorcycle wheels and the components needed to install them, then you are in the right place. Lowbrow Customs carries a wide array of wh...
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      Motorcycle Wheels & Wheel Components FAQ

      Are motorcycle wheels interchangeable?
      Motorcycle wheels are not typically interchangeable. There are different axle diameters and different spacing for the wheels that needs to be considered. If you have the same size diameter axle, you can make your own motorcycle wheel spacers using our wheel spacer bar stock if the bar stock diameter is large enough to accept the axle you are working with. Then you will need to do some customization of your brake linkage and wheel adjusters. If you do something custom like this, we recommend doing some testing to make sure everything works properly before you go out on a ride. Safety first!
      How long do motorcycle wheel bearings last?
      Motorcycle wheel bearings can last a very long time depending on how you take care of them. With proper maintenance the bearings will stay in good shape. If you are constantly running your bike through water and debris, you increase the chances of getting water and debris in the bearings. This is when the bearing life starts to shorten. Water and debris combined with the rotation of the wheel will wear out the bearings. This is why keeping your bearings properly greased while avoiding water and debris will allow the bearings to function properly and last a long time.
      Can a bent motorcycle rim be fixed?
      Bent rims can be fixed as long as they are steel rims. Cast rims are made from hardened materials, and once they are bent, the material integrity is severely compromised. Steel spoked wheels that are out of round can usually be fixed by truing the wheel. This can take the wobble out of the wheel. The wheel is placed on a truing stand to determine where the issue is on the rim, then the spoke tension is adjusted accordingly to straighten the wheel.
      If you have a spoked steel rim that has a dent in it due to a severe impact, and the side of the rim is bent inward, it is better to just replace the rim at that point. You can spend a ton of time trying to repair that dent, but the rim is never going to run true.
      How often do wheel bearings need to be replaced?
      There is no set time limit on your wheel bearings. Your wheel bearings will let you know when they need replaced because you will feel the wobble in the wheel. To check your wheel bearings with the wheel on the bike, just put a jack under the bike and lift the wheel off of the ground. Now grab the sides of the wheel and see if there is any play when you apply pressure on the side of the rim. If you notice “wobble” in the wheel, there is a good chance it is time to check your wheel bearings.