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      Motorcycle Engine Mounts

      Symptoms of a Bad Motorcycle Engine Mounts and Provide a Strong Ones The Risks of Driving with a Damaged Motor Mount Your motorcycle mounts do the job of keeping your motorcycle in the frame of the bike. If you have ever ridden a bike with a bro...
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      Motorcycle Engine Mounts FAQ

      Do engine mounts affect performance?
      Engine mounts do affect the engine performance of the motorcycle, and they can directly affect the handling performance of the motorcycle as well. If your motor mounts are worn-out, it can cause excessive vibration though the chassis of the motorcycle. This can lead to issues in handling as well as excessive wear on the seals connecting your motor to the rest of the drive train. If you have a transmission seal that keeps leaking, it is good practice to check your motor mounts for wear or cracks.
      Can bad engine mounts affect the transmission?
      Yes, a broken engine mount can affect the transmission because the engine is directly connected to the motor through a series of shafts and seals. If your motor is vibrating excessively because of a broken engine mount, this will cause an excessive amount of strain on the components connecting the transmission to the motor.
      Are some motorcycle engine mounts better than others?
      Yes, some motorcycle engine mounts are better than others. When considering purchasing motor mounts, you need to consider the material that the motor mount is made of. If you purchase a motor mount made of a softer material like aluminum, it is not going to be as ridged as a steel motor mount. Over time the aluminum mount will fail. A steel mount made of a good quality steel will be much more durable. Some motor mounts offer custom features, such as mounts for the ignition coil and / or motorcycle ignition switch.