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      Motorcycle Chain Conversion Kits

      Motorcycle Chain Conversion Kits
      Performance Chain Conversion Kits for Motorcycle Types of Drive Systems One of the cool parts you can add to your custom build is a motorcycle chain conversion kit. Belts are fine, but motorcycle chain conversion kits are cool and they deliver som...
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      Motorcycle Chain Conversion Kits FAQ

      What size and length chain do I need for my Harley?
      Harley-Davidsons use a 530 drive chain. We recommend a 120 length chain for swingarm applications and a 130 link chain for hardtail motorcycles. It is a straight-forward process to shorten your chain using a chain breaker tool to get the exact length you need when replacing your worn out chain.
      Why do you have different chain conversion kits for 883 and 1200cc Harley Sportsters?
      Our chain conversion kits are designed to replicate the gearing on your stock Harley Sportster. Since the belt drives offer different gearing ratios for 883 and 1200cc Sportsters, we offer a matching chain conversion kit to match. The 883 and 1200 kits themselves are interchangable (as long as it is the proper year range for your bike), it just means that the tranmission and/or rear wheel sprocket have a different tooth count, which changes the gearing ratio. Running a smaller sprocket on the rear will increase top speed (to the limit of the power of the bike, of course) while a larger sprocket on the rear will increase acceleration 'off the line' and through the gears, but end up with a lower top speed.
      Can I change a rear chain sprocket alone if that is what got worn out the most?
      The chain conversion kit rear sprockets are aerospace 7075-T6 aluminum that is hard anodized. They are very durable, however, when they need replaced it can be replaced without having to change the steel transmission sprocket (unless that is also comparatively worn from high mileage). It is a good idea to install a new 530 drive chain at the same time as installing the new rear sprocket.
      If my Sportster is an 883 converted to a 1200cc, which chain conversion kit do I need?
      The only difference between the 883 and 1200 Sportster chain conversion kits is the gearing ratio. Our kits match the stock gearing that the belt drive provides. However, if your motorcycle started out as an 883 and has an 883 to 1200cc Sportster Big Bore Kit installed, you can opt for the 1200 chain conversion kit. The big bore kit and added displacement will give you more horsepower, allowing you to run the higher (faster) gearing, just like a stock 1200 Sportster.