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      Motorcycle Fender Mounts & Brackets

      Fender Mounts and Brackets for Motorcycles Having a good selection of motorcycle fender mounts and motorcycle fender brackets available can make the job of mounting a fender so much easier. We know you value your time as much as we do, and we have...
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      Motorcycle Fender Mounts & Brackets FAQ

      How many mounts should my rear fender have so it won't break?
      Typically, a custom rear fender will have four mounting positions to help ensure the fender does not break. These would be a low mount, mid mount, and then a mount on either side of the fender near the rear of the bike.
      These rear mounts could be in the form of a sissy bar or fender struts. The number of mounts is not really as important and the location of the mounts. You want to make sure the fender is evenly supported.
      It’s also a good practice to make sure when you tighten the fender to the supports, that you tighten the mounts evenly. Doing this will make sure the fender is evenly supported and if there is any stress on the fender it is evenly distributed.
      Also, the fender should not be under any tension or it will eventually crack. For instance, if you have to push a fender into position to get a bolt in place, it would be better to turn the mounting hole into a slot to allow the fender to sit without tension when inserting the bolt. This will help ensure durability, and avoid hassles on the side of the road or while riding!
      How do you mount a custom rear motorcycle fender?
      For a step-by-step tutorial check out our article on How To Install A Custom Rear Fender. First you need to determine the width of the tire you want the fender to cover. The fender you choose should cover the entire width of the fender, and fit the frame of the bike.
      Once you have the fender, it is best to mount your tire and wheel on the bike. Lay a folded towel on top of the tire and place the fender in place. Adjust as needed making sure you have plenty of clearance. Next mark and drill your mounting holes. Be sure to wrap tape around your drill bit so you can control the depth. You do not want to drill through your fender into your tire.
      What material are fender mounts made of?
      Motorcycle fenders mounts are made from steel. There are some mounts on the market that you can find made from aluminum, but the majority of the fender mounts are steel because they need to be strong and rigid.