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      Motorcycle Ignition Switches

      Weatherproof Starter Ignition Switch - Brass Bezel Weatherproof Starter Ignition Switch - Brass Bezel
      16 reviews $64.99
      Mini Push Button Switch - Chrome
      64 reviews $17.29
      If you have ever had a motorcycle ignition switch go bad, you know how difficult it can be to find the problem. You rarely consider the ignition switch actually took a dump until you start tracing the problem. Out of all the things that can go wro...
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      Motorcycle Ignition Switches FAQ

      How do I know if my motorcycle need a new ignition switch?
      Typically, ignitions switches start to “act-up” before they give out completely. You will notice your key is loose in the cylinder, or the lock will feel sloppy and loose. If you are having to wiggle your key to get the ignition to work, you should replace your ignition switch right away.
      What happens to a motorcycle while moving at very high speed if the ignition switch is turned off?
      If you shut the ignition off while riding at high speed, the engine will continue to rotate due to your momentum, but the engine will not be firing. Eventually the bike will just slow down and come to a stop because there is not spark to create the power in your engine cylinders. No spark means no fire, which translates to no power. This does not damage the motorcycle, it will simply turn off the ignition and the bike will slow down as it is no longer under power from the running engine.
      What is a crank start ignition switch?
      A crank start ignition switch is a switch that has a feature to engage the starter on an electric start motorcycle. Insetad of just turning the key to 'on', you turn one click further to engage the starter and hold it as the bike 'cranks over' and starts up. As it starts up, you let go of the key and it stays in the 'on' position. To turn the motorcycle off you turn back to the 'off' position. This style of switch helps simplify a motorcycle electrical system, as you do not need a separate 'starter' button in addition to the key switch.
      How can I relocate my motorcycle ignition switch to a different location?
      If you have a standard 3 wire ignition switch, relocating your ignition switch is pretty easy. There are a variety of bolt-on and weld-on ignition switch relocation tabs available, as well as top motor mounts designed specifically to also house your ignition switch. If your existing ignition switch is in your dash, or on your tank, you can still relocate it, but it will mean modifying your wiring harness. The first step is to trace the wires of your existing ignition switch to see where the wires go. Then you need to determine the location for the switch, and re-route the wires to the new switch location. Be sure to take your time and solder your wire connections if needed.
      Does a new ignition switch require a new key?
      Yes, most of the time a new ignition switch will come with a new set of keys to match the ignition lock.