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      Motorcycle Transmission Hardware

      Motorcycle Transmission Hardware FAQ

      What are the symptoms of a bad transmission mount?
      Typically, if you have a bad transmission mount you will notice some excessive vibration and some difficulty shifting. Eventually, this vibration will lead to a damaged seal. When you damage your transmission seal, you will notice a leak. It is best to check your mounts annually to make sure they are in good condition. If you suspect your mounts are worn out, it is best to replace them before they cause more damage.
      How long do transmission mounts last?
      The life span of your transmission mount will vary depending on climate, horsepower, riding style, and environment. Rubber is used in many of these mounts and this material will lose its elasticity if exposed to things like direct sunlight, excessive heat, or even the type of cleaners you use can have an effect on rubber components. Rubber components need to be inspected from time-to-time to ensure that they are still in good working condition. Because of these variables, there is no designated life span on these mounts.