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      Lowbrow was started in 2004, a physical manifestation of chopper fever and passion for all things motorcycle. We are the #1 source for custom and chopper parts for your moto, backed by a tight-knit crew here in northeast Ohio who strive to make your experience with us the best possible. We not only work hard to supply motorcycle enthusiasts with cool parts from small shops all around the world but to also keep innovating and building, creating brand new parts and accessories, getting them out onto the road.

      Check out the History of Lowbrow Customs article above for some old photos from the early years! Started in a spare bedroom in 2004, there has been constant growth and change through the years.


      Lowbrow Customs was born from a love of vintage motorcycles paired with a frustration at the lack of high-quality parts, delivered on-time. Lowbrow Customs started with a homemade website, in a spare bedroom and basement in a duplex in Parma, Ohio, USA. Passion for custom motorcycles, along with a strong focus on incredible customer service, motorcycle technical support, and the highest-quality parts and accessories helped turn Lowbrow from a side-business into a thriving company.

      Heading to small hot rod and motorcycle shows around the midwest and hosting some crazy events attracted like-minded individual to Lowbrow. Over the years we have built a strong following of passionate motorcycle enthusiasts. We feel that our customers enjoy dealing with a company that is different from the norm, and find it refreshing.

      Over the last two decades we have designed and produced many innovative motorcycle parts and apparel. We also find the best parts from brands small and large, world-wide, and stock their wares on our shelves. Today Lowbrow Customs is one of the top brands for custom and chopper parts.

      May of 2019 marked the 15th anniversary of Lowbrow Customs. We thought it would be great to share the story of how it all got started. This documentary-style film takes a hard look at the company's beginnings, filled with old photos, stories, and interviews from Tyler Malinky, founder, and CEO of Lowbrow Customs, his brother Kyle Malinky, and more of the staff. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and take a ride with us here at Lowbrow Customs.


      We Support The Riders

      At Lowbrow Customs, we operate on the simple idea that if we treat customers how we want to be treated, good business will follow. Below are our Core Values.

      Purveyors of quality & cool. Curation of motorcycle parts & accessories, quality
      and fit guaranteed.
      To supply our customers with astounding customer service. The basis for our World Famous Customer Service.
      Free technical support on any and all motorcycle parts. We help solve problems.
      To support and foster the motorcycle community.
      To help our customers achieve their dreams.


        Motorcycle Community Involvement

        Fuel Cleveland

        Lowbrow Customs, along with Forever the Chaos Life and Gasbox, have organized Fuel Cleveland since 2015. Fuel Cleveland is an invitational motorcycle show featuring motorcycle builders, rare bike owners, painters, and photographers from all over the country. The goal of this show is to honor and pay tribute to those who work hard, show creativity and passion in the motorcycle industry. The show is free to attend and is put on for the love of motorcycles.

        Fuel Cleveland and Lowbrow Customs

        Motorcycle Event & Racing Support

        Our passion goes beyond selling products. We take pride in supporting and promoting camp-outs, races, art and motorcycle shows all over planet Earth.

        El Diablo Run - Lowbrow Customs Motorcycle Event & Racing Support
        The Cross Country Chase - Lowbrow Customs Motorcycle Event & Racing Support
        Mama Tried Motorcycle Show - Lowbrow Customs Motorcycle Event & Racing Support


        Motorcycle Podcast Sharing

        We are proud to be actively involved with a vast number of podcasts. We work, we ride and share the moto-life.


        "Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t shopped at Lowbrow yet, check them out - we promise you won’t regret it."

        Maiden moto art show presented by Harley Davidson

        "If your not familiar with Lowbrow you’ve been living under a rock, they support my show and are a pillar to the chopper community."

        Danger Dan's Talk Shop

        "Lowbrow stocks thousands of motorcycle parts and accessories that they design and manufacture. This array of innovative products is not available anywhere else."



        We are globally recognized as leaders throughout the custom motorcycle industry and have garnered many records and accolades for our work.

        • Best Performance trophy at Born Free 2012 for Tyler's dual-engine, record-setting 1955 Triumph land speed race bike
        • Medina County Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
        • Tyler's 1959 Panhead chopper included on Bikeexif 'Top 5 Harley Panheads' list
        • Cycle Source Magazine 'Best Accessory Part of the Year 2014' for Cole Foster Grips
        • Cycle Source Magazine 'Accessory Product of the Year 2016' for the RTW Spark Plug Holder
        • Cycle Source Magazine 'Best Shop Product 2017' for the Harley 4-Speed Transmission Work Stand
        • Cycle Source Magazine 'Best Show of the Year 2016' for Fuel Cleveland
        • 2018 W&W 'Serious Dealer' Award
        • 2020 Biltwell Top 3 Retailers
        • 2020 W&W 'Serious Dealer' Award
        • 2021 Biltwell Top Four Outstanding Retailer Award
        • 2021 W&W 'Serious Dealer' Award


        Here at Lowbrow we love racing. A highlight of each year are our land speed endeavors on vintage motorcycles. You can find many articles and videos detailing our racing exploits on the Lowbrow Blog. We also sponsor some other racers in land speed as well as Hooligan, flat track, and drag racing. Below are some of the records set (not all still standing, though many are) by what we collectively refer to as 'Team Lowbrow'. Check back soon for updates, because we frequently break records :)

        Tyler Malinky

        Tyler Malinky - Team Lowbrow Racing

        Motorcycle build project

        • 1955 750cc Triumph 'Poison Ivy'
        • 1950 750cc Triumph 'unnamed'
        • 1955 1350cc dual-engine Triumph 'Double Vision'

        Records set:

        • 750cc A-VG 130.503 MPH 'unnamed' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 750cc A-VF 126.812 MPH 'unnamed' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 750cc APS-VG 116.171 MPH 'Poison Ivy' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 750cc A/PG-750/2 132.55 MPH 'unnamed' - Arkansas Mile
        • 1350cc A/VG-1350/4 140.186 MPH 'Double Vision' - Ohio Mile
        • 750cc A/PG-750/2 117.801 MPH 'Poison Ivy' - Ohio Mile
        • 1350cc A-VF 148.871 MPH 'Double Vision' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 1350cc APS-VG 140.210 MPH 'Double Vision' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 1350cc APS-VF 151.448 MPH 'Double Vision' - SCTA Bonneville

        Alp Sungurtekin

        Alp Sungertekin - Team Lowbrow Racing

        Motorcycle build project

        • 1950 650cc Triumph 'Manta Ray'
        • 1950 650cc Triumph 'Asymmetric Aero'
        • 1950 650cc streamlined Triumph 'T-200'
        • 1950 500cc Triumph 'The Arrow'
        • 1948 1000cc Vincent 'Vincent 666'

        Records set:

        • 650cc A-PF 175.625 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA El Mirage
        • 650cc M-VF 173.329 MPH 'Manta Ray' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 650cc A-VF 171.668 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA El Mirage
        • 650cc APS-VF 170.883 MPH 'T-200' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 650cc A-PF 169.100 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA Mojave
        • 650cc A-PF 156.167 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - AMA Bonneville
        • 650cc A-VF 151.375 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 650cc A-PF 149.664 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 650cc A-VG 139.226 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - SCTA El Mirage
        • 650cc A-PG 133.464 MPH 'Asymmetric Aero' - AMA Bonneville
        • 650cc A-PG 131.332 MPH 'Manta Ray' - SCTA El Mirage
        • 650cc APS-VG 130.734 MPH 'Manta Ray' - SCTA El Mirage
        • 650cc M-VG 127.092 MPH 'Manta Ray' - AMA Bonneville
        • 500cc M-VF 119.903 MPH 'The Arrow' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 1000cc A-VF 168.138 MPH 'Vincent 666' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 1000cc A-VF 171.986 MPH 'Vincent 666' - SCTA El Mirage
        • 1000cc A-VF 193.621 MPH 'Vincent 666' - SCTA Bonneville
        • 500cc M-VF 144.704 MPH 'Thompson Arrow' Triumph Pre-Unit - SCTA El Mirage

        Kyle Malinky

        Kyle Malinky - Team Lowbrow Racing

        Motorcycle build project

        • 1967 650cc Triumph

        Records set:

        • 650cc APS-PG 117.453 MPH - SCTA Bonneville
        • 650cc A/PG-650/4 131.491 - Loring 1 mile course
        • 650cc A/TG-650/4 132.761 - Loring 1 mile course
        • 650cc A/PG-650/4 136.248 - Loring 1.5 mile course
        • 650cc A/TG-650/4 134.880 - Loring 1.5 mile course

        Andy Cox

        Andy Cox - Team Lowbrow Racing

        Motorcycle build project

        • 1973 1000cc Norton

        Records set:

        • 1000cc M/PG-1000/4 131.2 MPH - Ohio Mile
        • 1000cc M/PG-1000/4 146.7 MPH - Loring AFB

        Erik Moldenhauer

        Erik Moldenhauer - Team Lowbrow Racing

        Records set:

        • Royal Enfield NA Sponsored Hooligan Racer #37
        • 2019 - Flat Out Friday Vintage Class winner
        • 2020 - District 23 Super Singles Champion
        • 2020 - District 23 Vintage Singles Champion
        • 2020 - District 23 Open Twin Champion
        • 2021 - Flat Out Friday 749cc class winner
        • 2021 - District 23 Super Singles Champion

        Rich Silva

        Rich Silva - Team Lowbrow Racing

        Records set:

        • Good Times Racing, Hooligan Racer #221
        • 2002 S&S-powered 1250cc Harley-Davidson Sportster
        • 2019 RSD Super Hooligan AMA National Champion
        • 2019 Hooligan AM National Champion

        Andy Clark

        Andy Clark - Team Lowbrow Racing

        Records set:

        • AMA district 16 hooligan
        • Manager of the Boonie Races @ Flat Out Friday
        • Top 20 finish at Flat Out Friday 2021
        • Sportster Hillclimb, Dual Sport, Drag Racing, Flat Track racer, BOONIE bike racer

        Chad Trayner

        Chad Trayner - Team Lowbrow Racing

        Records set:

        • 1997 Harley 1200 Sportster
        • Drag Racing for 3 years
        • 2019 Top 10 Eliminator Class and 11.50 index
        • 2021 7th Eliminator Class and 5th in 10.90 index



        Here at Lowbrow Customs we believe strongly in supporting US manufacturing. We have created multiple annual scholarships, one with the Lincoln Electric Welding School and another with Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) for students in financial need who are pursuing workforce training. From TIG welding to machining, this is the backbone of manufacturing in the United States. Want to learn more?

        Want to learn more? Click here.


        Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos.