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      Motorcycle Seat Spring Mounts

      Seat spring mounts are necessary to support the springs found at the back of a motorcycle solo seat. The solo seat pivot at the front of the seat allows the seat to bounce on the springs, adding some suspension to rigid-framed bobbers, choppers and vintage motorcycles. Sprung solo seats can also be found on bikes with a swingarm such as Harley Sportsters, Shovelheads and Softails. Lowbrow offers a variety of well-engineered, quality options for many different style bikes. Seat spring mounts are available in both bolt-on and weld-on versions and several finishes including raw mild steel (for those that need to be welded), black and chrome plated. Typically a simple cotter pin holds the spring in place on the perch. Some people like bolting the springs both top and bottom, which is only a problem if you need to flip your seat up and down to check the oil level. Typically, the weight of the rider holds the seat down and even a cotter pin isn't necessary. Interesting factoid: weld-on solo seat spring mounts were the very first Lowbrow Customs brand part, and we are still selling them strong more than a decade later!...
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