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      Motorcycle Wheel Spacers

      The Benefits Of Motorcycle Wheel Spacers Why Would You Need Wheel Spacers? When you are mounting a motorcycle wheel on a custom frame, you will often find that you need to use an assortment of wheel spacers in to get the job done. You will also ne...
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      Motorcycle Wheel Spacers FAQ

      What size wheel spacers do I need?
      Wheel spacers come in a variety of widths and sizes.
      - The first thing you need to determine to get the right wheel spacers for your application, is to determine the diameter of axle you have. This will tell you the inside diameter of the wheel spacers you need for your bike.
      - The next step is to put the rear wheel on the bike. The most important part of this step is the alignment of the sprocket on your rear wheel to the front (transmission) sprocket, or the alignment of the belt to the pully depending on your setup.
      - Once everything is aligned, measure the distance from the flat inner surface of the wheel hub to the inside of the frame. Be sure to measure each side of the hub because it is very common for the left-side wheel spacer to be a different thickness than the right-side.
      - Lowbrow Customs sells some pre-sized spacers for certain applications, as well as universal spacers that may work as-is, or that may need to be shortened (machining them on a lathe is the most accurate way) for your specific use.
      Are wheel spacers universal?
      Yes and no. Wheel spacers are universal as long as the inner diameter of the spacer is correct. You cannot put a 1.25" I.D. spacer on a 1.50" I.D. axle. It simply will not fit. Once you have determined the inside diameter measurement you still need to determine the width of the spacer you need. Wheel spacers are not bike specific, so in that sense they are considered universal. As long as the width and the inside diameter is correct, you should be able to use it on your bike.
      What is the best and safest way to make wheel spacers?
      The best way to cut bar stock is by using a lathe, but if you do not have a lathe, you can also use a large pipe cutter to do the job. This will give you a nice cut and a flat surface. If you have a custom application and you need to make your own wheel spacers Lowbrow Customs has the right part for the job. We carry wheel spacer bar stock in a variety of lengths that will allow you to cut the perfect-sized spacer for your application.