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Yamaha XS650 Weld On Hardtail Install Instructions
The following instructions show you how to prepare your Yamaha XS650 frame and install a David Bird XS650 Hardtail on your bike to turn it into that bad ass bobber or chopper of your dreams.
All work should be performed by an experienced fabricator and all welding should be done by a certified welder.
Make sure this is what you want to do to your bike. There is no going back!
STEP 1. Start by using a reciprocating saw or cut off wheel to cut the bulk of the sub frame away as shown in the photos. When cutting off tabs on bottom of the frame be careful not to cut into the frame rails.
STEP 2. Layout a vertical line 90° from top of bracket shown in photo and 5” back from the rear most hole in this bracket. Cut on this line making sure not to cut into the center cross tube.
STEP 3. Using a cut-off wheel (die grinder) carefully cut along the welds and remove the old sheet metal gussets. Make sure not to cut into the frame rail.
STEP 4. Grind off excess weld from top and bottom of frame rail.
STEP 5. Grind the top of the frame rail as shown in the photo to clear the new gusset. This may have to be fit a little more latter when putting on the gusset.
STEP 6. Grind off as smooth as possible all parts of the old sub frame, and all paint in area to be welded.
STEP 7. Fit your new hardtail to the frame. If you don’t have a frame fixture you will need to align everything with a center line or diagonal measurements. Complete all welding on the hardtail. ( note: check straightness and square many times as you go.) metal likes to move when it gets hot.
STEP 8. Place new gussets over bottom frame rails and tack in place.
STEP 9. Position top gusset and tack in place. All other welding can now be done.
STEP 10. If you wish to use it, the old brake pedal pivot can be trimmed and fitted to the new lower gusset to put your brake pedal back close to the stock position.