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      Replacement Rear Fender 1982-94 Harley-Davidson FXR
      1 review $112.95
      Cast Steel Weld On Fender Bracket Cast Steel Weld On Fender Bracket
      10 reviews $40.00
      Choosing Custom Motorcycle Fenders That Fit Your Bike A motorcycle fender is more than just a sheet of formed metal. A custom motorcycle fender is an intricate part of the bike. It can keep debris and water from impairing your ability to ride, and...
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      Motorcycle Fenders FAQ

      Can I put a two-up motorcycle seat on the fender?
      All of the rear motorcycle fenders we sell are heavy-duty and great for carrying a passenger on a two-up seat. However, how the fender is mounted is very important. If it is a stock-fitment Harley-style fender that is supported by stock fender struts /frame rails on each side it is built for two riders. When mounting a custom chopper-style fender for use with a passenger, it must be mounted securely to ensure safety. Check out our array of fender mounting fabrication parts and sissy bars for some great options. When in doubt, hire a professional fabricator and welder to do the work!
      Is this fender the proper radius for my motorcycle tire?
      The custom rear fenders we carry work well with both 16" and 18" vintage style tires. While the rim size varies, the outside diameter (O.D.) of these tires doesn't vary drastically. When mounting a custom fender, the distance mounted from the tire will make the radius match better or worse. A convenient way to keep even spacing all the way around is to use electrical tape (or similar) to hold a piece of hose, old motorcycle chain, or other piece of material to the tire and set the fender on it. This will keep the gap between tire and fender even throughout. The material used varies based on the thickness, which determines the desired gap.
      Will a 4-3/4" wide fender fit my 5.00-16 tire?
      It may be possible to use a 4-3/4" wide fender with a 5.00-16 motorcycle tire, depending on how it is mounted, a 6" width fender is a better option. This gives proper clearance and allows more flexibility with how you mount it, how close you can get it to the tire, etc. The 6" width fender will be able to sit closer to the tire, as the side of the fender won't interfere with the tire tread, and instead will do a better job of keeping road grime and water channeled to the underside of the fender where it belongs!
      Will a 6" wide fender fit my 180mm wide tire?
      No, a 6" wide fender is not wide enough for a 180mm wide rear tire. If you convert 180mm to inches you will find it is 7.09" wide, so a 6" fender will not fit properly. We do have several 7" wide rear motorcycle fenders available from brands such as Lowbrow Customs and Led Sled.