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      Super Banana Gas Tank - Mid Tunnel - 2.6 Gallon Super Banana Gas Tank - Mid Tunnel - 2.6 Gallon
      12 reviews $199.99
      Wassell Peanut Mid-Tunnel Gas Tank 2.1 gallon Wassell Peanut Mid-Tunnel Gas Tank 2.1 gallon
      35 reviews $164.99
      Laredo Gas Tank Laredo Gas Tank
      Cycle Standard Laredo Gas Tank
      1 review $219.99
      Diamond Prism Chopper Gas Tank 2.2 gallon Diamond Prism Chopper Gas Tank 2.2 gallon
      $174.95 $189.91
      Banana Gas Tank - Mid Tunnel - 2 Gallon Banana Gas Tank - Mid Tunnel - 2 Gallon
      3 reviews $199.99
      Picking The Universal & Aftermarket Motorcycle Gas Tanks  Choosing the Right Type of Gas Tank for Your Motorcycle Lowbrow Customs carries a selection of motorcycle gas tanks that will look great on your next build. Your gas tank is a focal...
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      Motorcycle Gas Tanks FAQ

      What is the average gas tank size and shape?
      Gas tanks come in all shapes and sizes, making it hard to give an average gas tank size. Harley-Davidson motorcycles typically get 40-50 miles per gallon, which is a good reference point for how far you can ride based on the capacity of your gas tank.
      Can motorcycle gas tanks be repaired?
      To repair a motorcycle gas tank you first need to determine what it is made out of. Leaky steel gas tanks can be repaired by welding or brazing. This necessitates removing the gas tank and completely flushing and purging the old gas and fumes. The heat of welding typically damages the paint in the repair area. If it is dented repairs can be made by using body filler and repainting the gas tank. If the gas tank is fiberglass and is leaking it can be patched and repaired with fiberglass.
      Should I replace my gas tank?
      Replacing a gas tank is often due to damage, or to change the look and style of a motorcycle. If it is due to damage or age, a replacement gas tank is often the easiest option, as it can simply be bolted in place of the original. If replacing a stock gas tank with a custom one, it may be a bolt-on part, or, it may require some welding or fabrication to make it work. For an example of this check out our Motorcycle Gas Tank Install How-To article.
      Do you have to seal a motorcycle gas tank?
      It is our opinion that the inside of motorcycle gas tanks do not need to be sealed / lined. If a gas tank has been repaired or modified, it should be pressure tested to check for pinhole leaks along weld seams. If there are any leaks, they should be properly repaired by welding the pinhole. Lining a gas tank can stop flash rust from forming inside the tank, however, if the lining fails and starts coming loose from the gas tank walls, you have to remove the gas tank and totally strip the liner. There are pros and cons to lining a tank, and it is personal preference, but in our experience we do not find it useful. If you would like to line a tank, we recommend Caswell Gas Tank Liner as a superior product.