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      Springer Style Bottom Mount Headlight - Chrome Springer Style Bottom Mount Headlight - Chrome
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      Custom & Aftermarket Motorcycle Lighting, Hardware & Accessories for Your Ride Safety Upgrading your motorcycle lighting one of the best things you can do to improve your riding experience and your safety. Being able to see the road is r...
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      Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Lighting FAQ
      Can I replace my standard tail light bulb with an LED bulb?
      Yes, you can easily and without issue replace a standard incandescent light bulb with a replacement 1157 brake light LED bulb. This works just fine, except on vintage motorcycles that might be wired as a positive ground instead of the standard negative ground. This is the case with some older British bikes. LEDs have polarity and so they won't work with negative ground unless they are manufactured specifically for that purpose.
      Can I directly change my bike's headlight to LED without any modifications?
      Nowadays many direct-replacement LED bulbs are available to retrofit to Harley-Davidson and other stock motorcycle headlights. Should you switch from a halogen to an LED headlight bulb? Well, LEDs are far brighter with much less power consumption than their incadescent and halogen counterparts. Upgrading to an LED headlight bulb is quick and easy, and gives much better visibility at night for safer and more enjoyable riding.
      Do I need a load equalizer for an LED tail light?
      An LED tailight (or LED bulb that replaces a stock incandescent bulb) can be used with no problem on a Harley. It is the LED turn signals on late model Harley-Davidson motorcycles that would need a load equalizer so the turn signal flashes properly.