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Looking for a new lid to protect your dome? Lowbrow offers a variety of classic motorcycle helmets that do the job, DOT-approved, without getting over-styled. Open face helmets are traditional, it’s what you wore back in the day, or what your dad or that weird uncle you aren’t supposed to talk to wore. The benefit of a modern open face helmet is that it is now DOT-approved and it also allows the wind of the open road to caress your face while you ride your freedom steed. The downside is less protection than a full face helmet. Luckily, there are now a handful of full-face helmets that protect that beautiful face of yours while also allowing for good peripheral vision, a comfortable fit and an affordable price tag. The Biltwell Gringo or Gringo-S (same as the standard Gringo helmet, with integrated, flip-up face shield) pairs well with a chopper, cafe racer or stock motorcycle, while the Biltwell Lane Splitter is a bit more technical look popular with the folks on trackers, Dynas, FXRs and other fast, nimble motorcycles. That being said, the styling on all of these helmets is such that they really do fit fine, style-wise, no matter what bike you are riding. Or, if you live in Ohio or another no-helmet state, go au naturale if you desire!

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