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Motorcycle Mirrors

There are many thousands of options available when it comes to custom motorcycle mirrors, however, the problem is that almost all of them are oversized, gaudy, overpriced, themed with skulls or dragon claws, or all of the above. We have assembled what we feel is the best variety of cool, understated motorcycle mirrors. A mirror or two can be quite handy while riding, however, they should add to the style and look of your bike, not detract from it or overpower it. There are a variety of options to choose from, including mounting type. There are perch mount mirrors that are inserted into a hole in your clutch or brake lever perch and bolted in place. There are also clamp-on mirrors, which feature a removable clamp so they can be clamped directly to your handlebars, or remove the clamp and use as a perch mount. Another option to consider is the shape of your mirror. Round motorcycle mirrors tend to look at home on vintage type bikes, as do rectangular motorcycle mirrors, though those of the rectangular variety also have an 'all business' look that works well on hot rod bikes, FXR, Dyna, and tracker style Sportsters for instance. There is also the ever-important choice of finish, available in everyone's favorite choices of black or chrome. In addition to standard mirror glass, several options are available for blue glass mirrors, which mellow out the brightness of headlights at night and generally have more of a vintage look to them. Mirrors are reversible, meaning you can swivel or pivot the mirror so each can be used on either the left or right side of your motorcycle.

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