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Motorcycle Gas Caps

It is important to choose the correct style of gas cap to fit your gas tank. Some of the most common styles are Harley-Davidson style thread-in gas caps, of which there are two year ranges, 1982 through 1995 and 1996 & later. Most aftermarket and custom motorcycle gas tanks that take a Harley-style thread-in cap will work with either year range. Also pay attention to vented versus non-vented gas caps. If your gas tank has only one gas filler hole, then you will need a vented gas cap. Big Twin Harley-Davidsons that have two caps typically use a non-vented cap on the left hand filler, and a vented cap on the right hand filler. This way, when the motorcycle is on it’s kickstand, gas will not weep out from the cap on the left side.

Earlier Harley-Davidsons, 1936 through 1982, used a cam-style gas cap. This style gas cap is also used on certain custom gas tanks for example WX Gas Tanks and the several varieties of Axed Gas Tanks. Vintage British motorcycles such as Triumphs and BSAs use a particular style gas cap which can also be found on the Lowbrow Customs Original P-Nut Gas Tank in addition to old swap meet find Wassell peanut and banana gas tanks. Lastly, a custom 1-5/16 inch 12 thread per inch custom filler cap is used on an assortment of gas tanks and oil tanks from Lowbrow Customs, Cycle Standard, Mooneyes and British Standard. There are also steel and aluminum weld-in bungs available so you can customize any gas tank or oil tank to use these custom caps. The wide assortment of gas caps at Lowbrow Customs include all of these as well as a variety of designs, styles and materials, including chrome, aluminum and brass gas caps.

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