Lowbrow Customs Shotgun Exhaust Pipes & Cast Aluminum Heat Shields

Changing the exhaust on your Harley-Davidson Sportster is a great way to change the look, sound and attitude of your bike. Shotgun Exhaust Pipes from Lowbrow Customs are available in either chrome or black for Sportsters 1990 to current. The included heavy-duty mounting brackets securely fasten the exhaust pipes to secure points on your engine case. This allows these custom exhaust pipes to be mounted on stock-framed motorcycles as well as rigid or hardtail Sportster choppers as they don't mount to any point on the frame. The parallel, staggered pipes run down the midline of your motorcycle and kick outward just before the rear shock on a stock bike. They can be run as-is, or you can cut the ends off and install any style exhaust mufflers you choose. Lowbrow Customs also makes cast aluminum heat shields in three styles: finned, fish scale, or smooth. They are available in six inch and twelve inch lengths, and in your choice of a semi-polish or black finish. They are a breeze to install with the included mounts and stainless steel hose clamps which allow you to mount your heat shields in any configuration you desire on a straight section of your exhaust pipes. Heat shields or exhaust wrap protects your leg (and your passenger's leg) from hot exhaust pipes while riding. With all the options available you can have your custom Sportster exhaust done on a Saturday morning and be back on the road.

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