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Tyler Malinky

David Allen CEO

Hobbies: Hanging out with my little girl Darly June and my beautiful wife Julia, running, racing motorcycles, riding bicycles and motos, coffee, cooking, long dinners and drinks with friends, travel.

Tyler Malinky
Kyle Malinky

Kyle Malinky


Favorite movie: Survive Style 5+, or maybe Talladega Nights. (Note from the Editor: Kyle forgot to mention BioDome).

Hobbies: I like things that go boom, camping, muscle cars, and cooking.

Katy M.

Operations Manger

Favorite color: Don't really have one. I am more of a pattern person :)

Hobbies: Hmmmm.... I love to shop. I love to decorate. I LOVE to eat good food.

Katy M
Todd M

Todd M.

Head Tech

Favorite Beer: Tecate in a can with lime squeezed on the rim

Favorite Snack: It's all good when you're stoned.. oh, alright, homemade tortilla chips and guacamole also goes good with the Tecate

Hobbies: Are you kidding me that would be buying vintage Triumphs and bringing them back from the dead. Oh, I also like to shoot guns but bullets are kind of expensive these days.

Greg V.


Favorite Cartoon: Woody Woodpecker. I like that he never had teeth until he went to bite someone.

Hobbies: I like restoring old useless antiques and eating Mexican food.

Greg V
Jason 'Longhair' G.

Jason 'Longhair' G.

Graphic Design

Favorite Band: Metallica (closely followed by Pantera)

Favorite Concert Of All Time: That's a tough one, being as I've seen too many shows to count or even remember. The four Metallica 30th Anniversary shows I attended in San Francisco, were probably the greatest music related events I ever attended, but narrowing it down to one specific concert, I would have to say that was 'The Big 4' show at Yankee Stadium in 2011 - Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax all in one show, one band after another!

Hobbies: Traveling as much as I can, collecting music/metal memorabilia, concert photography, following Cleveland sports, spending time with my nephew.

Tony R.

Packaging Specialist/Customer Liaison

Hobbies: Playing sports, staying far away from social media, and beer, beer and more beer.

Tony R.
Troy H

Troy H.

Director of E-commerce

Hobbies Outside of Work:There is life outside of work?

If You Could Have Any Superpower: Superhuman intelligence, I have it now and it's pretty cool. Seriously though, flying, who wouldn't want that?


Lead Packaging Specialist

Favorite Board Game: Scene It

Lease Favorite Disney Character: I love all Disney, but I guess my least favorite would be...Lady and the Tramp.

Hobbies: My hobbies are doing Theatre, comedies and musicals, and writing and directing sketch comedy. No...I'm not gay

Mike F

Mike F.

Assistant Receiving Manager

Favorite Band & Album: Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced - 1967

Hobbies: Playing guitar, studying music, collecting vintage records, art, graphic design.

Jessica O.

Customer Service

Favorite Word: Pulchritude (Note from the Editor: Definition of pulchritude; beauty)

Favorite Natural Disaster: I'm terrified of tornados so that's out. And I don't like water much so I default to earthquake.

Hobbies: Freelance photographer (more job than hobby). I like to create things. I'm working on my first novel. I love sci-fi / fantasy movies, shows and video games. I like to travel and spend time with my husband and daughter.

Jessica O
Sharon Z

Sharon Z.

Accounting Manager

Hobbies: I like hanging out at the beach or pool, spending time at Cedar Point, reading, cooking, and of course, shopping!

My Perfect Day: A perfect day is relaxing at our beach house with my husband, then having our grandchildren (and of course our adult kids!) (Note from the Editor: Sharon is Tyler & Kyle's mom!) join us for fun at the beach, pool, Cedar Point, cooking and eating good food and enjoying our lives together!

Mikey A.

Media Editor & Social Media Specialist

If You Could Be An Animal?: I'd probably want be some type of bird. I feel like flying above the world by your own strength would be the coolest feeling ever. Plus the sole fact you could roam the world, birds are like gypsies and are free to go where ever they please.

Hobbies: I love to create, if it is an artistic outlet I'm all about it. From playing my guitar to painting, it's just nice to create something from nothing.

Mikey A.