Chasing 200 MPH - Alp Sungurtekin's Journey To Build The World’s Fastest Vintage Motorcycle - NBC News

World record setting racer Alp Sungurtekin has been a Lowbrow Customs sponsored racer since 2011, when he started competing in land speed racing. Since then, Alp has gone on to be the fastest person ever on a 650cc pushrod engine motorcycle, with a record holding speed of 175.625mph at El Mirage Dry Lake. Alp, along with his Crew Chief and right-hand woman, Jalika Gaskin, holds a dozen land speed records set at El Mirage and the Bonneville Salt Flats. NBC captured Alp in the process of building his Lowbrow-sponsored race bike, the T200, an all aluminum bodied bike with a very unusual riding position, and a top-fuel burning 650cc, iron head, pre-unit, vintage Triumph engine from the 1950's. Alp's ultimate goal with this new bike is to break 200mph. In the initial first test runs he has already broken records and is at a top speed of 149mph. Not bad for a bike with half a dozen runs on it, and lots more to go!

Film courtesy of NBC News

Producer: Jim Seida

Editor: Brian Oh

Alp Testing his sitting position.

Here are some unseen photos of Alp and his record setting runs with his T200 partial streamliner Triumph at Bonneville Speed Week 2017.

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