The Lowbrow Getdown 2018

If you could ask any of us here at Lowbrow what are favorite event would be, hands down 10 out of the 14 people here would say The Lowbrow Getdown. It's just a place where everyone can unwind, let loose and have a bunch of fun with no judgments or rules. I feel like I say we will never be able to top last year's and somehow the next one comes a long and it's even crazier or on a whole other level entirely. Looking back at the past ones, you really never do truly know what you are walking into. One year it could be an amazing concert with David Allen Coe and Blue Oyster Cult, the next it could be a rave with a silent disco and tons of party favors. It's always a gamble and no one ever knows what to really except to happen at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park. How could anything ever top the previous years. Well, over the years I've noticed its not how the party is scheduled its how the party unfolds, life is what you make it and somehow at The Lowbrow Getdown everyone who attends truly does get it and makes the weekend extremely special.

Lady wolf and I getting ready to take off for the ledges on Thursday after work.

The wife and I set off for the ledges on Thursday evening taking backroads and not pushing the Shovelhead too hard after I just replaced the advance unit and magnet in my ignition. I always get a little weary after I fix something but it ended up running great. After the awkward check in we found a perfect spot to set up camp and we had a relaxing night with a few people who came down from Michigan for the festivities early as well. "Lets have one night of peace before the debauchery begins." I said to our new found friends as I toasted my beer in the air. We were truly grateful for that night because in that cheers echoed so much truth and the next two days would be filled with little to no sleep, wild and a drunken mess of fun chaos.

Riding through the suburbs and country back roads.
The Shovelhead made it in one piece and no hiccups.

Friday the 13th

Kat and I woke up a bit early to get a little swimming in at the quarry before everyone started rolling in. As the woods roared with exhausts we decided to start walking back to see who was setting up their camps. Kyle and Longhair had showed up as we were walking back to the "Warzone" so we stopped to help set up the Lowbrow base camp. From there the beers started flowing and more motorcycles kept flooding in down the road. People smiling from ear to ear and the occasional waive or finger flip towards the camera made it feel like a never ending parade of new faces on bikes.

Kyle showing up with the good aka... BEER!

The idea for this year's Getdown was to make your own theme, build your own thing, and or make an experience of your own for the weekend that everyone could enjoy. There were three camps that really participated in this and they were known as the Lowbrow Luau, The Pizza Shot / Pittsburgh crew, and the white people (which seemed a little off putting). The Buffalo crew were completely dressed in white clothing so instead of white people we started calling them The Cult which seemed more fitting since some of the regulars were asking us whats up with the cult in the back corner.

The Lowbrow Luau
The Pizza Shots / Pittsburgh Crew
The Buffalo Cult

The overall day was tame but as night started to fall, engines started roaring and people started howling into the air like wolves crying at a full moon.  I remember seeing a ton of new builds I've never seen before while walking through the "Warzone", and handful that looked familiar from previous years. I soon matched owners to the machines, snapping photos and saying hello with what little light I had left. As the sun fell and the woods turned dark, things got a bit hazy, lots of glow sticks, lots of jokes and lots of beers! I think at one point I said it was everyone's turn that night. And if it's everyones turn, that means too many people are getting wild to the point of no return!

This old dude showing some kids how loud his bike was.

Saturday the 14th

As I woke early Saturday morning to people still partying and most likely never going to bed because of certain things we will leave un said. I heard my buddy Jb yelling my name as he ran over to my tent to show me some photos, which I'm also not allowed to share for more reasons then I can count. Lets just say some poor glow sticks may have been harmed in the making of Friday night's ridiculousness that I'm extremely grateful I did not witness said acts! After laughing it up and hearing more stories about the just horrible things that happened to these poor glow sticks, Kat and I made our way back to the quarry to go swimming for a bit again. Everyone was there and tons of crazy flotation devices were littered throughout the water. It made for a relaxing day to nurse the hang over away. We even jumped on a blow up bull riding float for awhile, it was a ton of fun!

Chris Drew recruiting for his cult. #joinus
Floaties man, floaties!

After swimming I took some time to take some photos of camps and bikes for a bit. My phone started to ring a New York area code. I had totally forgot my friend Dakota wanted to propose to his girlfriend Alisha and he wanted me to take some photos of it... I answered in a panic and ran over to meet him by his bike where his life would soon change forever. It was such a great moment and she never saw it coming. He acted like he needed some help holding a part on his bike and called her over. As she walked over to where he was already on his knees working, he whipped the ring box out of his tool bag and asked her. She said yes and it was nothing but smiles afterwards from everyone who witnessed it. Just one more amazing memory to add to the history of The Lowbrow Getdown!

Dakota and Alisha
She said yes!

As night came, anarchy kind of took over the Lowbrow Luau camp site. Some how from little baby bottle rockets and fire crackers getting thrown at people turned into destroying the Pizza Shot bar and jumping the pizza like a ramp with mini bikes, to playing chopper limbo and sliding underneath a huge stick. The ramp eventually got destroyed by a Dyna and someone said "Grab some gasoline and light that shit on fire!" (coughing) That someone might of been me. My friend Joe started to throw gasoline on the ramp and it engulfed in flames, with in seconds the 50 people surrounding the shenanigans turned into 100 people. A few lawn chairs went on the fire and everyone started cheering. As I looked around again it looked more like 150 people showed up and more of the pizza shot bar went flying onto the fire. Mind you this is all happening in the middle of the main road to get in and out of the back part of the campground. People started dancing around the fire like Indians doing battle cry calls, and motorcycles started to running over the ever growing bonfire. I recall even a rebel flag getting burned and a few bras too! Like I said, it was complete and utter anarchy for about 2 hours and then the camp security came and put an end to it all with a quick spray of a fire extinguisher.

Thomas sitting in the fire in the middle of the road. Photo by Jackson Zimmerman
High jumps and limbos over the fire. Photo by Jackson Zimmerman
Rolling through the fire like a bat out of hell!

With yet another brilliant Lowbrow Getdown in the books, I will say it again. You may never really know what to expect when riding into The Lowbrow Getdown but I promise, it will always be memorable. Its all about what you make of it and no matter how unplanned the choices you make, the company you keep will make those memories last a life time. Seriously if you haven't gone to a Lowbrow Getdown yet, make plans to come next year. Same place, same good time, see everyone July 12-14th, 2019!

Panheads in the jungle.

Words and photos by: Mikey Revolt

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