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      Kyle Malinky — Bike Features

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      about the author

      Kyle Malinky

      Senior Consultant

      Kyle has been a member of the Lowbrow Team since 2009. He has built / raced vintage Triumph motorcycles and set records at the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Loring, Maine time trials. Kyle has ridden motorcycles around the country and world such as Nepal adventure, and is an avid outdoorsman.
      Kyle has won various land speed records specified in the supplied 'Team Lowbrow' racing records.

      Racing Records

      Motorcycle build project:

      • 1967 650cc Triumph

      Records set:

      • 650cc APS-PG 117.453 MPH - SCTA Bonneville
      • 650cc A/PG-650/4 131.491 - Loring 1 mile course
      • 650cc A/TG-650/4 132.761 - Loring 1 mile course
      • 650cc A/PG-650/4 136.248 - Loring 1.5 mile course
      • 650cc A/TG-650/4 134.880 - Loring 1.5 mile course

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