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      The term solo seat typically refers to a motorcycle seat meant for an individual rider, as opposed to those for a rider and passenger known as a two-up seat. A motorcycle solo seat can be a rigid mount seat that mounts directly to your frame and f...
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      Motorcycle Solo Seats FAQ

      Will a sprung solo seat fit my motorcycle?
      Sprung solo seats are universal in fitment. They can be mounted via pre-fabricated kits, or you can make the mounts yourself to fit your application. There are a variety of seat spring mounts, solo seat pivots, seat springs and seat pan kits that will help you fabricate the parts that you need. It is important to note that you will often need to do some welding to mount some of these custom solo seats.
      Can this motorcycle solo seat be used on a hardtail?
      Yes. Sprung solo motorcycle seats are often installed on hardtail applications because it helps give the rider a little suspension. Full suspension motorcycles have rear shocks and front forks that help soften the ride and keep the motorcycle in control when riding over rough surfaces. If you have a hardtail motorcycle, you don’t have any rear suspension. Adding a sprung solo seat is a good way to add a little comfort to your ride.
      What material are solo seat pans made out of?
      Solo seat pans are usually made from sheet steel and then are formed to fit the frame. You can purchase a preformed seat pan, or you can purchase some sheet steel and fabricate your own. With a little time and patience, you can make something unique that does the job required.
      What parts do I need to mount a solo seat?
      You will need a solo seat hinge, a seat pan, a set of spring mounts, seat springs, and a solo seat. Check out the How To Mount A Solo Seat article to see some examples of parts used and how to mount a custom solo seat. The solo seat hinge mounts to the front portion of the seat and to the frame backbone. This hinge allows you to raise and lower the seat so it floats on the solo seat springs. The spring mounts are typically welded to the rear of the frame, and they hold the springs that the seat rides on.