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      Shanks Gloves - Bloody Shanks Gloves - Bloody
      19 reviews $78.95
      Shanks Gloves - Oak Shanks Gloves - Oak
      35 reviews $78.95
      Shanks Gloves - Bronze Shanks Gloves - Bronze
      95 reviews $68.95
      Shanks Gloves - Coal Shanks Gloves - Coal
      23 reviews $78.95
      ME23 Gigante Tool Roll ME23 Gigante Tool Roll
      The Clutch Kit The Clutch Kit
      MotoStuka The Clutch Kit
      Enduro Tank Bag Enduro Tank Bag
      MotoStuka Enduro Tank Bag
      MotoStuka is a company founded on principles rare in today’s throw away culture. Their products represent a dedication to simple, elegant design, high quality materials, and an obsession with time honored craftsmanship.