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Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

Motorcycle exhaust wrap, also known as header wrap, is designed to wrap your exhaust pipes and keep heat inside of your header pipes. This increases exhaust gas temperatures and aids in exhaust scavenging effects, raising exhaust speed and lowering intake temperatures. It basically helps pull the heat out of your engine, with the added benefit of also protecting the rider from the heat on the exterior of their motorcycle exhaust pipes. This can be helpful to avoid burns or excessive heat with high pipes or shotgun pipes where the rider or passenger is close to the hot pipes when riding. Regarding protection for the riders, an alternative to header wrap would be motorcycle exhaust heat shields that can be installed on your pipes, which help dissipate heat. In addition to being functional, exhaust wrap is common on certain kinds of bikes such as cafe racers, trackers and choppers, both for the performance and protective qualities as well as for the look, and sometimes the use of covering up welds on some custom exhausts. Exhaust wrap is available in several colors, including black, titanium and off-white, and includes enough exhaust wrap and stainless steel zip ties to wrap the exhaust pipes on multiple motorcycles. Exhaust wrap is quick and easy to install, as you can see in the tech article How To Header Wrap Your Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes.

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