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Lowbrow Customs carries the largest selection of hardtail motorcycle frame sections in the world. From Harley-Davidson Sportsters to vintage Triumphs, Honda to Kawaski, there are many options that will offer a great starting point for a bobber, chopper or custom motorcycle. These hardtails are just the rear half of the frame. In all instances they are either bolted or welded to the stock front section of a motorcycle frame, which is not included. This allows a stock bike with a swingarm to be turned into a more vintage-styled hardtail motorcycle. It also allows you to keep the VIN number on the frame, which means no custom assembled title is typically necessary.

What is the difference between a hardtail and a swingarm? The word hardtail is slang that refers to the frame and suspension of your motorcycle. Vintage motorcycles typically had a rigid frame, where the rear wheel and axle are mounted directly to the frame, at the axle plates (also known as dropouts). When you ride over a bump, the back end of the bike will take the brunt of the impact. As motorcycles developed over time, swingarm suspension became the norm. The swingarm typically bolts to the main frame and rides on bushings or bearings. There are shock absorbers between the swingarm and the upper frame, and the rear wheel mounts to the end of the swingarm. Hit a bump, the shocks compress, the wheel travels upwards, and viola! Smoother ride.

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