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      Working at Lowbrow Customs is different from most anywhere else. We have been in business for almost 20 years, and accomplish a lot with our small, tight-knit crew.

      You can check out our Meet Our Team page for a quick bio of the employees of Lowbrow Customs. 

      Lowbrow Staff

      We are currently hiring for the following positions:

      If you would like to apply for one of these positions, please click the above link to be taken right to the job posting on Indeed, where you will find all of the details. Please apply directly via the Indeed listing, thank you!

      Perks & Benefits At Lowbrow Customs

      There are a lot of additional benefits for full-time (40 hour / week) employees that kick in after 6 months of employment:

      • 401(k)
      • 401(k) matching (100% company match on first 1-5% of your salary, an additional 50% match for 6-8%)
      • Employee discount
      • Paid Time Off
      • Paid Holidays (7 in total per year)
      • Additional $100 "Wellness Credit" each paycheck
      • Anniversary Bonus of $1k for 1 year, $5k at 5 years, and $10k at 10 years!

      Take A Look Inside Lowbrow & How We Operate

      To get a feel for who Lowbrow is, who we are and how we operate, give our video The History of Lowbrow Customs a watch. This was filmed in 2019 to celebrate our 15th anniversary.

      Another good video, just a couple minutes long, is our 'We Ride' video that features many of us here at Lowbrow and gives a bit of insight into what we do, and how we do it!

      Our Staff & Culture

      We have a pretty diverse group of individuals, including those who came here already immersed in motorcycles, some who got into motorcycles and riding as a side-effect of working at Lowbrow, and others who do not ride. 

      Riding motorcycles is not a prerequisite to working here. More importantly, we look for people who are the right fit for our company culture.

      Dependable, inquisitive, trustworthy people who like working as a team make a great fit here. Being a small company, most of us wear multiple hats, and help out where needed.

      Lowbrow addition

      The groundbreaking for our warehouse addition that was completed in January 2022. We expanded our warehouse from 12,000 sq ft. to 24,000. This allowed for a lot more room for motorcycle parts as well as additional parking for shop and employee bikes!

      Out for a ride

      Tony, Todd & Tyler out for a ride after work. Mikey was also along for the ride, he is the man behind the camera!

      Todd Muller

      Our long-time Head Motorcycle Tech, Todd, with one of the many bikes he has built in his home garage over the years. He often rides different ones to work on sunny days!


      Clayton cruising in on a Sportster chopper after helping out in a marketing photo shoot for Lowbrow.