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El Diablo Run 2015

EDR 2015 was absolutely one of the hardest runs I have ever been on. Not in the sense of distance but more of the lack of communication to the real world. No one's cell phones worked, you couldn't drink the water, and gas stations were extremely sparse. Add extreme heat from the desert to that mixture and you have yourself one hell of a run. There was a real sense of community to the whole run though. If anyone was on the side of the road, the packs would slow down and see with a simple thumbs up or down if they were ok. Everyone was so eager to help the next which made things just a little easier. In the end, everyone makes it to the final destination whether it's on their own two wheels or in the chase truck. I will never miss an EDR for the sheer fact of that community feeling, it also has some of the most amazing roads to ride and simply put - one of the best parties! Check out some of the gazillion shots I took from the week. Enjoy!

426A0119  426A0152

Jay Cagney and I drove cross country in 2.5 days with a truck and trailer to get out to Cali for EDR. We got pretty bored the second day so we pulled the bikes out of the trailer and did a little off roading in New Mexico for a little bit to cool our nerves. We found a great little train bridge straight out of that Breaking Bad Scene where they steal all the methylamine from the train.


We eventually made it out to Malibu, CA where my wife Kat and our friend Meeka were already hanging at the beach after their easy cross country flight. Haha! We rode around Malibu for a while and then headed off to Joshua Tree which was a run itself, well over a 500 mile adventure in one day.


I absolutely love tunnels, epic in every way!


This was a little dangerous, no hands focus on the fist bump while going 70mph or more on the highway.

426A0956  426A1189

I have never seen so many colors in a desert sunset before. This was by far worth the entire ride that day to see.


The day after Joshua Tree, we headed down to Temecula, CA, home of Biltwell Inc. and my good friend, Mike Ellis, who was gracious enough to let us stay at his home for a couple days before EDR.


Day before EDR tattoos at Soul Expressions, I wanted to get one but really wanted to swim and wasn't down with getting an infection.

426A1481   426A1562 426A1600426A1610

The Pre-party at Biltwell Inc. Those American Speedshop boys sure know how to cook up a good meal! Tons of good people, food, beer, bikes, and good times.


One of my favorite bikes on the EDR, just simple, a little sweaty, and just overall look was absolutely incredible.


Bright and early at a breakfast spot in Temecula. Everyone gathered and left in their own little packs.


We left a little after 8am with a group of around 20 or so.

426A2302  426A2332 426A2351

SoCal is full of mountains, wooded areas, flat plains, and desert areas. The scenery changes so much, so fast, and makes you feel like you are in so many different places in a short period time.


Ran into my East coast friends Kev and Meredith at the first gas stop. It was pretty awesome to be able to ride with them again after not seeing them for over a year.

426A3006   426A3094

This road ruled!!! There was no cars for miles and we could take over the entire road. Made shooting super fun!

426A3139 426A3425

When we made it to the Mexican border there were some unicycle enthusiasts to greet us after crossing the line.

426A3438  426A3625

Peter's evo has style for days!!


Kat had some clutch plate problems and we waited for a good hour on the side of the road in the middle of the desert till the chase vehicle could pick her bike up. Once we arrived to our palapa in San Felipe the party was on!!! Burn outs, tacos, beers, friends, and choppers all in the setting of paradise.


Second Day in San Felipe, full of relaxation and fun in the sun. "A Disneyland for retards" - Peter screamed from the ocean.

426A4101  426A4146

The speed bumps were absolutely insane in Mexico, at least 4 guys got flat tires from metal chards poking out off them. Just picture huge yellow half circle balls of metal in a line about 4 inches tall, no bueno!!!

426A4166 426A4220426A4233

The Circle of Death and a few other games were probably the most entertaining thing I have seen in awhile. There was a guy that got his head run over, ice cream bars sold out of a cart by a street vendor who kept crossing the track, and bikes flying all over the place wrecking left and right. I loved every single minute of this.

426A4251   426A4318   426A4522   426A4546 426A4583

Pretty sure someone's bicep got ripped off in this year's Coctagon! Fireworks, beer, and sand flew all over the place. 25 men entered and only 1 man left victorious, it's always a good time!

426A4584 426A4592 426A4604       426A4660

The Victor!


I think we had 15 people in the back of a pick up truck, there were to many adult beverages to remember...


Day 3 of EDR and we headed off towards Ensenada with some of our Ohio brothers and some of the peeps we rode with the previous days. It was a little hotter and a ton of sand, everyone was talking about the pot holes but we just laughed, the roads felt like home to us.


Military were everywhere fully armed with AK's


At the hotel in Ensenada Biltwell handed out rocker patches as a thank you for coming out to EDR and the festivities continued all night long.


EDR was a blast and I wouldn't of changed a thing, even Kat and I got Montezuma's Revenge the last day in Ensenada from the previous night's Pina Colada adventure. We got the full Mexico experience and the memories will last a life time. Till 2017, I can't wait to go back!

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All Photos and Words by: Mikey Revolt


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