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Lowbrow Getdown 2015

Is there one event that makes you so excited every year? The Lowbrow Getdown is just that for me, personally, because it marks the beginning of summer in Ohio. It's cold and snowy for 4 to 5 months out of the year here and when spring and fall hits it's full of rain. It makes it really hard to sneak in any real riding days other then summer, especially this year! The Getdown falls in the middle of July at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, in Garrettsville, Ohio. It's almost always beautiful outside when the Getdown happens, with little to no rain. The setting of the campground is filled with super tall skinny trees that give shade for the entire weekend. There are gravel roads that take you site to site, which make for some fun on your bike. The whole campground surrounds this amazing swimmable, spring-fed quarry; it makes a nice center location to figure out where you are on the grounds. There's a main stage near the front of the grounds followed by a string of carny type food vendors, and little boutique tents next to a small beach. It's probably one of the coolest campgrounds in Ohio, if you have never been, definitely check it out.

Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-1 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-7 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-14 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-17 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-25

Cries of laughter, rumbles of exhaust pipes echoing in the distance, smells of camp fires and good music filled the air all weekend long. It's always so good to see a lot of friends from all over the East Coast and Midwest come out for a weekend to celebrate a life dedicated to riding motorcycles and having a good time. I always look forward to hearing about their travels, what happened on the way to Ohio, and who's bike was the biggest asshole. There were a hand full of people I haven't seen since the last Getdown too, so that was a real treat.


Pizza and Beer are two of my favorite things in the world besides motorcycles and we had enough of both to feed a small army! I don't know what it is about knowing you have nothing to do and nowhere to be the next day that makes you think consuming a ton of alcohol is ok but it does make for a lot more fun. My friend Ian from Alabama thought the same thing but took it a little overboard and drank an entire bottle of whiskey in an hour! I saw him Friday night around 7 pm sober as a school boy in church. As I walked down to the stage to go see David Allen Coe around 8 pm and I saw Ian in the distance. I walked up closer to see what he was up to. The dude had a full slice of pizza gripped between his hand and the almost empty bottle neck swaying around like a drunken sailor. I told him "Hey man you are really drunk!" He gave me a hug and said "NO!" He then stumbled off and hugged a bunch of people randomly, kissed some other random dude on the cheek, puked up his pizza, and passed out on the stage front. A couple of guys put him on a stretcher and sent him back to his campsite. Let's just say he didn't like the way he felt the entire next day. I even heard there were a few tears shed, followed by a full body cleanse in the lake.

Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-37 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-41 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-46

One of the coolest set a bars I have seen in a while!

Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-48 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-73

The entertainment at The Getdown changes every year and makes for interesting stories. Last year there was a rave all weekend long on the other side of the campground and a silent disco on our side. I know you can't imagine a bunch of bearded "biker" dudes dancing to techno but it happened. This year, David Allan Coe and Blue Oyster Cult performed on the main stage of the campground over the weekend, some local acts opened up each day. It was a way more laid back atmosphere this year; it felt good just to relax and listen to some good music.


The Legend - David Allan Coe

Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-81 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-85  Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-97

There were some fire eaters and jugglers on the beach each night after the bands finished.

Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-112 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-117 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-118 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-135 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-142

There are cliffs to jump off too!

Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-157 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-160 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-162 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-180Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-178 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-186

Blue Oyster Cult, they needed MORE COW BELL!!!

Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-188 Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-194  Lowbrow-Getdown-2015-151

The Lowbrow Getdown is always a ton of fun. If you missed it this year, I feel really bad for you and all I can say is make a point to get there next year. To keep up to date on what's happening for next year's, you can check out

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All Photos and Words By: Mikey Revolt

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