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Lowbrow Getdown - July 13-15, 2018

The Lowbrow Getdown

The dates are set!  The Lowbrow Getdown is taking place Friday, July 13th through Sunday, July 15th, 2018. Once again, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, Ohio will be 'HOME' for the weekend! Though every Lowbrow Getdown has been held at the ledges, no two Getdowns have ever been the same, and this year will be no exception. Whether you're heading out by yourself to meet and hang with a bunch of like-minded individuals, or coming out with a caravan of your closest friends, good times are sure to be had by all. If you've never been to the Getdown, and don't know what to expect, let's just say 'party' sums it up. This is NOT a bike show, with vendors or organized activities. It is a party in the woods with motorcycles, drinks, food, naps, swimming, campfires and friends! The swimming in the spring-fed quarry is sure to cure your hangover the next morning! Don't forget your floaty..
Who: Everyone is welcome. Ride your bike out or drive your hot rod. Show people your bike goes further than the local Starbucks parking lot. Douchebags will not be tolerated, if you think this might be you, don't come.
What: It's simple. Come on out, eat some food, get ripped and hang out in the woods all night with a bunch of dudes (and maybe some ladies too, but mostly dudes. Just being honest...). Spend a couple nights, wake up Sunday morning and swim away your hangover in the beautiful spring fed quarry and do some cliff diving.
When: Friday, July 13th - Sunday, July 15th, 2018 
Where: Nelson Ledges Quarry Park. Their actual street address is: 12001 Nelson Ledge Road, Garrettsville, OH 44231
How: Get that junker running and bring what you need, we will have some food and beer, but bring a tent and be self sufficient, we want to have fun, too! Camping at the quarry is $20 per night, payable to the campground at the gate. 
UPDATE: Best Campsite Awards at the Getdown!
We want YOU to be part of the Lowbrow Getdown experience. This year, we are handing out killer prizes and awards for the best campsites at the Getdown. Think 'Burning Man' but in Ohio, in the back-woods, and surrounded by motorcycles. We are looking for the most outlandish, interactive and creative campsites that help add to the flavor of the weekend. Create a theme for your campsite, a game or contest for people to play, make it a dance party, get creative! Last year we had some intrepid campers make and bring a 'Russian Pizza' booth. They set up a booth and gave out shots of vodka with pizza sauce and pepperoni in it (of course). It was a crowd-pleaser for sure. Others had elaborate lighting set up, Tiki booths, even a mini-rave with laser light show. Let's see what you got!

If you have never been to the Lowbrow Getdown before check out this video and photos from last year's Getdown to get the vibe of what it is all about!

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