VIDEO: Blackbird Legacy Gas Tank for Harley-Davidson Sportsters

Get the best price on Blackbird Legacy Gas Tanks for your 1986 to current Harley-Davidson Sportster at Lowbrow Customs. We also offer a custom Slimline version for universal use, there are no stock mounts so that it can be adapted to fit any motorcycle you desire.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hi, I'm Tyler with Lowbrow Customs, here today to talk to you about Cycle Standard Blackbird Legacy Gas Tanks. These gas tanks are for 1986 to current year Harley-Davidson Sportsters. One really nice thing about these besides their unique style, the throwback to a vintage race aesthetic, is that they hold three gallons of fuel. Many custom tanks hold much less than that and leave to more frequent gas stops, but, with these, you can keep riding for quite a bit longer.

This is for a 1986 to 2003 Sportster and it is all stock mounts, so you would use your stock mounting hardware. Simply remove your stock tank and bolt this one in place, install your petcock. Once you paint it, you're ready to go. We also have a bolt-on version for '04 to '06, which is also carbureted, but that's in the rubber mount frame. This one here is for 2007 to current. This is for a rubber mount Harley-Davidson Sportster with EFI. You would simply remove the five screws after draining your gas tank to hold your fuel pump and everything in place. Mount it into this tank, attach your vent line, and bolt in place with your stock hardware.

Another thing that makes these unique and lets you add a little more style to them is that there are cycle standard rubber knee pads available. On these inserts, you would simply use a 3m double-sided adhesive or glue in place once you've painted your tank. That's a throwback to many vintage bikes that had knee indents such as Triumph's and rubber knee pads as well for the ride. These take a stock Harley gas cap. The cap from your stock bike would work and there's many aftermarket options available as well as the stock fuel pump and mounting hardware.

These are available at Take a look for more photos and installed photos on bikes. Thank you for watching.

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