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Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet Review & Customer Testimonials

A handful of lucky motorcycle enthusiasts got their hands on the new Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmets during an unexpected early release. We thought it would be interesting to ask around and see what their thoughts, feelings and experiences were with this new helmet. Here are some first-person reviews from those who have gotten their hands on a new Lane Splitter.

"So I got a flat silver Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet a couple days ago. I haven't really had a chance to ride with it yet but my initial impressions of it are pretty good. It seems to fit really well, I got a medium which I typically wear in Biltwell stuff. The fit seems a tad bit looser than my medium Gringo S. The helmet has some cool features like an under chin gator, which is really nice and completely unexpected. It also accepts the Sena Bluetooth unit very well which was nice add. 
I dig the styling of the helmet and if I had to choose between a Biltwell Lane Splitter or a Simpson Helmet I would probably pick the Lane Splitter because of it's looks. It just has a little more styling put into it. "

-Testimonial from Andy Carter

"I received the Biltwell Lane Splitter helmet size large in white with clear face shield about a week ago. In that time I have worn it approximately 500 miles during normal commutes. In that time my overall feelings on it would be it is the most feature rich helmet Biltwell has ever produced. Coming from a company who has made a name on bare bones simple classic helmets. The Lane Splitter is the first attempt at a more modern helmet. The features on the Lane Splitter that I'm referring to are the addition of intake and exhaust vents on the helmet. Now there isn't as many intake vents as you would find on most modern helmets but what Biltwell has done is blend between modern comfort and classic lines. While riding you do get moderate airflow as far as I can tell in the muggy New Jersey August heat. If you are looking for the most breathable helmet this won't be for you but if your looking for a style that goes against the standard shape of most modern helmets I would recommend it.
Being that I am 6'1" 190 pounds with a 7-3/4" head I chose a large and usually do with all the other helmets I own or have tried on. The Lane Splitter is true to size and comfortable. It feels light on the head and in high winds doesn't seem to get much wind buffering. 
The helmet came in a clean high gloss white color with clear shield. The shield has a lip so you can adjust with gloves on no problem and a brass catch to prevent the visor from flipping up when fully closed. The shield has a ratchet position that can be secured in 3 different positions until it's completely open. There also is a thin plastic film over the shield that seems like a Moto goggle tear off that would take a lot of scratches before being able to tear it off preventing the need to replace your shield as often. The interior padding is soft and there is plenty of room to add a headset. I added a Sena headset to mine and it's pretty quiet on the road allowing good use of the Sena. There is also a chin cover that is a nice add on to keep more wind and noise out. Removing the shield is two Phillips head screws and takes about 20 seconds but does require a screw driver. The Lane Splitter has a standard loop closure chin strap with an audio all snap on the end to tuck the excess strap away preventing it from flapping around slapping your Adam's apple ( if you have one). 
People like to have a helmet that keeps with the style of there bike if I was to pick a style to suit this helmet it would probably be modern American bikes such as the late model sportsters to FXR / Dyna crowd. It doesn't have the traditional old classic lines that you would find on the Biltwell 3/4 helmets or the simplicity of there full faced gringo. But like most things that seem to come from Biltwell they continue to innovate and grow with the input from there customers."

- Testimonial from Josh Gilbow

Ian Smith riding with his Gloss White Biltwell Inc. Lane Splitter. - Lowbrow Customs and Biltwell Lane Splitter Testimonials Ian Smith riding with his Gloss White Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet.

"My Initial impressions on the Biltwell Lane Splitter - lightweight, great field of vision, and vents that actually work. There is also a nice structured neoprene cover that fits over your chin and reduces a lot of wind noise. Also, I really like the visor. It has a peg that keeps it closed vs. a snap (on Gringo S) and works really well. For a helmet that sells for $249 it is packed with nice features."

-Testimonial From Ian Smith

The seven color options that will be available upon release. Lowbrow Customs and Biltwell Lane Splitter Testimonials The seven color options that will be available upon release.

"As a guy who has spent a lifetime on bikes and wearing helmets of all makes I was excited to try out the new Biltwell Lanesplitter. I got it in the mail a couple days before riding out to Sturgis and figured that would be a great time to try it out.
My first impressions upon opening the box was how high quality the helmet looks. Excellent fit and finish. Stitching is even and padding is firm. I didn't put it on a scale, but it is a nice, light weight feeling helmet. Nothing worse than wearing a brick on your head all day. I was happy to see it came with a helmet bag as well!
The Lane Splitter feels similar to a Shoei, which for me is a good fit. I got a medium size and it fits well, maybe a tiny bit more room in the cheek pads than I normally wear, but not loose by any means. The problem I have with most helmets is my cauliflower ears. It can be a real pain (literally) wearing a helmet that doesn't have enough "ear room".. This one does! Zero issues after riding all day!
Trent Schara with Flat Black Biltwell inc. Lane Splitter - Lowbrow Customs and Biltwell Lane Splitter Testimonials Trent Schara with his Flat Black Biltwell Inc. Lane Splitter.
The shield fits up nicely and closes firmly, I had no issues with it rattling or catching wind (I tried). It also stayed closed with my head at all angles all day at speeds up to 100mph. Easily opens with one finger and closes just as easy. The interior padding is firm and has a nice fabric, very comfy indeed. It was in the upper 90's for most of my ride and the helmet did get a little warm (but what helmet doesn't??) The venting system is more of a passive style, meaning there are no ports in the front to open and close. I was riding my FXRT with short windshield and did notice if I got my head up in the actual air stream it did vent rather nicely. The helmet strap has nice padding and an easy to operate adjustable buckle. It also has a sliding button that will secure the tail end of the strap and keep it from flapping.
The only complaint that I found was a bit of wind noise, which is to be expected with that type of face shield. It was not bad, but I did catch myself thinking a couple times that it was slightly noisy. All in all this helmet is a great looking and, in my opinion, functioning helmet. It is hard to find a better looking and performing helmet in this price range."

-Testimonial from Trent Schara

"The Biltwell Lane Splitter is one of the most comfortable helmets I've ever ridden in especially when used riding long distances in less than ideal weather situations.
Once I went to full face I couldn't imagine ever going back to anything less (personal preference). I wore this helmet in NY for the first time. From rush hour where I need vision more than anything, to the Catskills where its 90+ and humid, this helmet made me feel more protected, offered an incredible scope of vision, and allowed maximum air flow. What stood out the most was the curve of the mouth / chin section. Even when going above your average mph, the helmet didn't press back and put pressure on my face which reduced fatigue and added so much more comfort on the freeway. It seemed to "split" the air a bit better than my old helmets. 
Ashmore Ellis showing off her Flat Black Biltwell Inc. Lane Splitter. - Lowbrow Customs and Biltwell Lane Splitter Testimonials Ashmore Ellis showing off her Flat Black Biltwell Inc. Lane Splitter Helmet.
The flip visor is so nice to have when stuck in traffic. Its incredible how a flip of the lid can bring a wave a coolness into your helmet and it also makes it easy to wear glasses underneath. The visor also has an easy to grip tab on the side so I can lift in with one finger yet it stays in place when riding at all speeds. Venting at the top of the helmet and mouth section also helps circulate air flow which made it a hell of a lot cooler in motion as well as in a traffic jam. 
I personally love the style. I am not a tough person, but the Lanesplitter seems to make me look like one. It's not a bulky helmet so I don't look like a massive head on a body, it's got a great proportion to it and a fit that can't be matched."
-Testimonial from Ashmore Ellis