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VIDEO: DIY Tech Tips Brazing How-To

Learn how to braze with Lowbrow Customs' cast steel threaded bungs and cast steel mounting tabs. Big thanks to the Haifley Bros. and Red Chair Recordings for making this brazing how-to video for us.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

All right, today we're going to talk about the benefits of brazing and using Lowbrow Customs’ new cast bungs. And brazing you're able to braise ferrous and non-ferrous materials together, and one benefit what these are is going to give you a nice seamless look there'll be no well to send out, and if you want like old Knucklehead parts like Knucklehead floorboard tabs I fix a lot of early Knucklehead frames and they're all brazed together.

So, they asked me to show you guys a little bit on how to do it. You're going to need 1/16” low fume brazing rod, you're going to need the white flux and a brush and you're going to need a small rosebud torch and some eye protection.

You start by just putting the flux on to the materials, you can't use too much and then put that where you would want it like where you'd want to mount your gas tail, or your exhaust, or anything. Then you fire up your torch. Fire it up let it be a little hot, let some of the little finger show right there. One thing you want to do and pay attention to, is the braze is going to go where the heat is, not trying to feed it like it's your jig welding, you want to get the part red hot or cherry red and once the heat into the center and the braze will follow that.

You can see the braze is going right to this where the heat is, and then work it around. Remember not to stay in one spot with the he heat too long, you don't want to destroy the tube. Then do a little bit on the bottom and a little bit down here. And your pretty much braze.

Now, I'll show you a little tip I do, if you feel like you got too much braze on there, you can just get it hot and in case you with the wire brush and you get that seamless look that's pretty much all it should take.

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