VIDEO: How to Install & Remove Your Amal Carburetor Throttle Cable

This DIY Tech Tip by Lowbrow Customs shows you how easy it is to remove or install your Amal Carburetor throttle cable, commonly found on British motorcycles such as Triumph, BSA and Nortons. This is a simple operation but one that is of confusion to many new British motorcycle owners.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hi, I'm Tyler with Lowbrow Customs. Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to put a new throttle cable on your Amal carburetor. It's real simple but we get questions about it all the time and if you haven't done it before then it might be confusing. The only tools you need are a Philips screwdriver.

Typically your carb is going to be on your bike, just to show you, we have this carb here that's loose. Go ahead and undo the either Phillips or Allen-head screws that are holding the cover on the carburetor. That will let you pull this side out which is what your throttle cable is actually engaged to. That will go ahead and just pull straight out. All you need to do here is to pull this spring back up towards the cap, if you need you can grab needlenose pliers and clamp onto the cable to hold that spring up. You enough tension off of there so you can slide the cable out.

Once you pull the springer out of the way, you can go ahead and pull your needle and clip out of the side. Then you simply push the cable, slide that little ferrule over to the notch and pull straight out. That is how you remove your cable. If you need to put it on, you just reverse the order, make sure to slide your cable through the top cap of the carburetor, locate the spring and the little notch there on the cap. Same thing, you are going to have to compress the spring and hold it enough to go ahead and slide it through and lock it into position.

Now, before you lock the spring go, take your needle with the clip in the position you want and go ahead and drop that in the other hole there and when you let the spring go there that will go ahead and hold that clip down into position. Put your slide back in, you just keep an eye, make sure you see the notch on the body of the carburetor and the adjusting little tab here on the slide. You go ahead and slide that in there and you want to take a look down there to make sure that the needle is going right into the jet down there and that it's not cocked off to the side or not to clip off the mule.

That's all that is to it, put the cap back on and you are ready to go.

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  • Watched your YouTube video on installing a new Amal Carburetor [Triumph 1971 TR6]. Why did you not install the choke cable and slide? Please explain as I am working on my first build.

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