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Lowbrow Customs Presents Q&A With JD Sansaver

Tyler and I got a chance to stop by Flying Monkey Fabrication a few weeks ago while we were in California and hung out with the man him self, JD Sansaver. He showed us around his shop, wrapped some Christmas presents, and even walked us through his pivot steering side car he has been working on over the past few months. With warm conversations, tons of stories, a bike on the lift and two little shop dogs running around, it felt like a place we could hang there all day. JD is constantly stepping outside the box and creating things you would never think about putting on a bike and making it look absolutely incredible. Take for example our very own Flying Monkey grips were inspired by one of JD's designs, something so clever but never thought of before. Just think about it, cutting up a pair of white and black classic grips led way to mixing the colors and creating that signature look we all love.

"The Prototype" - The very first pair of Flying Monkey Grips.

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Jd's leather work is superb, from different styles of seats, to tank covers, he does it all.


After a hour of hanging or more and checking out all of the coolest stuff JD's shop had to offer. We asked JD to sit behind a few cameras so that we could ask him a few questions about his life, shop, and his favorite bikes he has ever built.  From movie set design, to the love and passion for fabrication, we found out JD has a heart for creativity and a true passion for motorcycles. It was really cool to learn some of his history and I feel like I really got to know him in those short few hours we spent there. I can't wait to get back to Cali to hopefully see him and that sidecar finished rolling down the street!

You can follow more of JD's work on his Instagram @flyingmonkeyfabrication or his website

Words, photos, and video by
Mikey Revolt

Check out the video here, for the entire interview.



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