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Lowbrow Customs Presents: Q&A With Jp Rodman

I first met Jp Rodman at Born Free 6 a year and a half ago. I was aimlessly walking through the different tents in the vendor area when I stumbled upon a few gas tanks that caught my eye. I walked into the tent to get a closer look when I noticed Jp and his girlfriend Nikki, I said hello and asked him a little about his work. You could just here the passion come from within as he explained the process and how much he loves to paint. I knew instantly this dude was the real deal and I wanted to know more about him and his work so I sat and talked with him for a hour or so. He told me about his shop, his work, and he even offered me a place to stay if I ever rode his way.

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Following Jp and his build all throughout last year was incredibly entertaining. I also had the pleasure of witnessing Jp win Show Class Magazine's 2015 People's Champ in person. It was a well deserved win and it couldn't have happened to a better and more deserving human being. He worked his ass off on that bike and you could tell by taking just one look at that bike in person. Jp is extremely talented, and thinks way outside the box when it comes to pretty much everything he touches. Born Free 7 was extremely busy for him after winning, so I didn't have a real chance to talk to him for a long period of time. While in Ventura, CA at Chopper Fest this past December I finally got an opportunity to sit down with Jp, set up a few cameras, and ask him a few questions about the build, the first ride, and what he had in store for Born Free 8. Check it out!

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Photos, video, and words by
Mikey Revolt


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