Lowbrow Spotlight: George Keeler's 1968 Harley-Davidson XLCH 900 Built By Terminal Speed


Owner: George Keeler Year/Make/Model: 1968 Harley-Davidson XLCH 900 Ironhead
Builder / Fabrication: Terminal Speed / Marcus Ellis
Build Time: 3 months


Year/Type/Size: 1968 XLCH 900cc w/ Magneto
Carburetor: Super E Exhaust:
Shotgun Drags Air Cleaner: Gasbox Dog Dish


Year/Type: Gasbox Full Rigid Frame for 1957-85 Ironheads Serial #001
Rake/Stretch: 34 degree rake / 4" stretch &  2" drop

Front End:

Type / Brand: 2 over 33.4mm


Front Size: 21” Burger Drum w/ Avon Speedmaster
Rear Size:  18” Stock Drum w/ Avon


Paint by:  Angledust Cycle Pain - Joe Koenigsmark
Plating/Polishing: Custom Chrome Cleveland
Powdercoating: n/a


Front Fender: nada.
Rear Fender: Cycle Standard 5” Trailer fender.
Gas Tank: Lowbrow Customs P-Nut Tank Mid-Tunnel.
Handlebars: Shortened Lowbrow Customs Drag bars on extended 1-piece.
Grips: Waffle Grips.
Mirrors: Don’t need no stinkin’ mirrors.
Hand Controls: Blade Style Levers.
Foot Controls: Gasbox Footrest w/ Stock Controls.
Headlight: 4 1/2” Waffle Headlight
Taillight: M&M Mastercraft copy taillight with original lens.
Turn Signals: Nope
License Mount: Terminal Speed
Seat: Counter Balance
Sissy Bar: Gasbox The Classic DIY Sissy Bar Kit
Oil Tank: Lowbrow Customs Horseshoe Oil Tank

George brought this bike initially in just for some service a little while ago. On my first inspection, I noticed the rear motor mount was broken completely across and the timing hole was stripped. I would have to split the cases and do a crankpin up rebuild just to fix that. Also, the stock frame had a David Bird hardtail welded on that looked awful and in bad shape. The bike overall just had a really bad riding position to it too. So we decided to scrap the service plan and start from scratch doing a complete bike overhaul.

I’m so glad George was on board from the beginning with this service call that quickly turned into a complete rebuild. It was even better that he just kinda let me roll with it and do my thing. I work best that way. The bike took a little less than 3 months to get together and we debuted it at the Fuel Cleveland show in 2019 with a minute to spare on loading in. George digs it, I dig it, and I’m stoked on the way it came out. Also, pretty glad to say George and I became good friends over the whole ordeal.  Big Thanks to: George, Jesse at The Gasbox, Lowbrow Customs, Evil Joe at Angledust Cycle Paint, Wes at Counterbalance, Mikey Revolt, and Tim Calzone

Words by: Marcus Ellis of Terminal Speed Photos by: Mikey Revolt

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