Video: How To Install: A Gasbox Tall Chopper Bolt On Sissy Bar on a 2004 & Up Harley-Davidson Sportster

In this quick how-to tutorial, Todd walks you through how easy it is to install a Gasbox Chopper Tall Sissy Bar on your 2004-up Harley-Davidson Sportster. This bolt on kit allows you to mount a sissy bar to your stock swingarm motorcycle easily. No more worrying about how to secure your gear! With two versions now available you can go with The Gasbox Short Chopper Sissy Bar version that measures 20 inches from bottom to top or the tall that measures in at 24 1/4 inches. This sissy bar is a direct bolt on for 2004 & Up Harley Davidson Sportsters. Simply remove the stock frame rail cover hardware, and bolt the new sissy bar on. Featuring black powder coat to protect it from the elements.

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You can read the full full transcription of this video below:

Todd: Hey, guys and gals, Todd from Lowbrow Customs here. We're here today in the Lowbrow workshop. We're going to show you how to put this gas box sissy bar on this 2004 and up Sportster.

They just came out with this new one. As you can see, this is the one we're originally stocking from the gas box. They've made it a little taller. I will show you the difference right now. If we measure from the lift up to the top there on that one, we got about 20 inches. On the new one, we got about 24 and a quarter, so she's about four inches taller than the original gas box bolt on sissy bar '04 and up Sportster.

Pretty simple job. You could probably do this in the same amount of time we're going to do it here, except we cheated, we took all the bolts out already. What you're going to find in your stock bike is going to be a fastener with a panhead looking like this and it's going to have a T40 Torx bit. You're going to need one of those to take your old bolts out. Two bolts front-rear, each side, take them out.

On the rear, you're going to find a little funky little tab that looks like that. On the front, you're just going to see a flange lock nut that looks like that. Four bolts out. We're going to reuse the tab on the rear, not on the front, bada bing. You're going to take your new sissy bar. You'll notice you don't have to relocate your turn signals. You're just going to put it on there. I also took the lenses off. We're just popping them off.

If you look on the lens, you'll see it has a spot right where that little thing is. There's a slot and when it's on there, you can just stick a flat head screwdriver, bam, pop it right off, ten seconds, five, whatever. However long it takes, just get them off there. They also have a little built-in edge ridge there, so it won't mark up your struts. Basically, you got your fasteners out. You're just going to place your new sissy bar. I'm spreading it open ever so slightly.

It's hitting the seat just a tad. We'll go ahead and we'll just slip the new bolts which come in the box with the sissy bar. You're going to see there's two lengths, one's a little longer than the other one. Well, we can plainly see that the long one goes in the front because the struts wider upfront. I've got one of the shorter bolts. We're just going to get that hole lined up there like a sow and get it started. Get it to hold that on there, so I can compress that seat just a skosh to get the front ones to go on. That one went right in. The other side did not. There she goes. All right.

Then go ahead and grab you two longer bolts, slide the front down until it lines up with the hole on the motorbike and get it all in there. bam, like that. Look at that. We're going to go ahead. Once again, knots on the front, get her started, stick your hand up under there, use those eyeballs on the end of your fingers. No, you don't have eyes on the end of your fingers. Why do you? Knot on the front. I think I'm blind in that one eye. There we go. The other started. This funky little chinga here, it's going to face like that. I think we'll grab a t-handle to get this started.

We'll use our socket ratchet because it'll be a little easier to do it like this to start. Skeeter going. Bam, just like that. All right. Come on there. You can see why I took the lens off there. That t-handle will be running right into that darn thing. Half-inch wrench for the front ones. Go ahead and grab our ratchet and a 3/16 Allen. That's what size the new fasteners are. We're going to put her to the on.

We got this silly darn reflector right in the darn road here. Get her on there like that and get her tightened. The other one. This side is a little easier to get to because we don't have a bunch of junk on the road. Tight. Go ahead and final tighten the rear ones. Look at that. Done. Ready to go for a ride. Whoo.

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