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VIDEO: Lowbrow Competition and Spinner Gas Caps for Harley-Davidson & Modern Triumphs Product Overview

Exclusively available from Lowbrow Customs, the Spinner Gas Cap and Competition Gas Cap are just two of many custom motorcycle gas caps we offer for Harley-Davidson Sportsters and Big Twins as well as modern Triumph motorcycles, such as the T100 Bonneville T120, Thruxton and Scrambler. These investment-case, aluminum gas caps have a ratcheting base which allows you to install the cap and have it face the right way on your gas tank when fully tightened.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hi, I'm Tyler with Lowbrow Customs, here in our showroom at Lowbrow Customs headquarters in Brunswick, Ohio USA. I wanted to show you some new gas caps we offer. They fit Harley-Davidson gas tanks from 1996 to current. There are two designs, one being the Competition Gas Cap and the other being the Spinner Gas Cap.

They're available in two finishes, polished aluminum, as well as black. A nice detail about these gas caps, is that they have a ratcheting mechanism that allows you to face the cap directionally. For instance, you don't have your fuel cap that is crooked and if you're OCD, like me, driving you nuts the entire time you're riding your motorcycle.

On this gas tank, which is a Cycle Standard Frisco Mount Sportster Gas Tank, which was painted by Scott Takes, I'm going to show you how the cap works here. You've got one of these spinner gas caps, you would simply back it off to loosen it. You install it and screw this in. It'll get tight and you will hear the ratcheting mechanism click, so you know your cap's completely tight. Then, you're able to back it off and it's going to stay in place and face whatever direction you might want it to. These, as well as many other styles of gas caps, are available at, thank you.

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